Tooling Supplier Relishes Challenges

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 17:04

Since its creation in 2011, Western Industrial Tools and Service (WITAS) has become a leading service provider focused on the needs of the mining industry. Strategically headquartered in Hermosillo, Sonora, it has the objective of providing its tools to mining clients more quickly and at lower costs than its competitors. In order to achieve this, WITAS has had to become an expert both in sourcing common consumables and hard to find parts needed in mines from its network of international and domestic partners. Its base in Sonora places the company near many of Mexico’s largest mines and close enough to the US border to ensure the quick importation of parts. WITAS also plans to open satellite offices and warehouses in Chihuahua and Zacatecas in 2015 to serve these mining hubs more directly. The company’s rapid success largely comes from its collaboration with the largest mines and exploration drilling contractors in Mexico. Mines in Mexico have come to rely on WITAS for products ranging from down-the-hole hammers and hammer bits, top hammers, shank adapters, or lubricants and degreasers. However, the company aims to become a one-stop shop for tooling at all stages of the mining process. Exploration and drilling customers can turn to WITAS for drill head units and spare parts, chucks, spare parts for clamps, water swivel spare parts, jaw sets and carbide bits, core bits, RC hammers and tooling, or even hydraulic components for drilling machinery. While the demand for drilling equipment may have dropped due to the exploration drop-off, the breadth of WITAS’ product portfolio ensures it will still be called upon.

Accompanying its integrated portfolio, WITAS believes it brings confidence to each of its customers through a superior customized service. WITAS offers on-site training and product quality testing, including evaluations and comparisons, to exceed customer expectations and aims to secure clients for life by offering customized stock levels and developing supply chain solutions that other small vendors cannot handle. WITAS is always thrilled with the challenge of sourcing hard to find items and set up a stock program, for which it is constantly searching for new, innovative products. One of its visions is to make the life of purchasing managers easier. If it does so, then WITAS is succeeding in its goal of providing superior customer service, integrity, and efficiency.