Torex Gold Achieves Ambitious Safety and Production Milestones
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Torex Gold Achieves Ambitious Safety and Production Milestones

Photo by:   Torex Gold
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Paloma Duran By Paloma Duran | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 07/21/2022 - 09:39

Torex Gold Resources reported strong production in 2Q22, noting that results were better than expected due to higher grades from the El Limon Guajes (ELG) open pits and underground operations. Additionally, the company announced that it achieved a milestone regarding worker safety, demonstrating its commitment to creating a safe operating culture.

During 2Q22, Torex produced 123,180oz of gold, sold 123,360oz and had average plant production of 12,350t/d. Because that the company managed to produce 235,620oz of gold during the 1H22, it is confident it will meet its 2022 production guidance of between 430,000oz and 470,000oz.

Torex highlighted that it achieved better than expected results during 2Q22, as it enountered higher grades from ELG Open Pits and reached greater production from ELG Underground. The company highlighted that ELG Underground achieved an average extraction rate of 1,580 t/d, surpassing the previous record of 1,430t/d in 2Q21. Additionally, plant throughput showed improved recoveries quarter-over-quarter, which was expected because mining the open pits meant moving away from areas where less ore was recoved.

In addition, the construction of Media Luna is progressing well and is running on schedule. Meanwhile, the Guajes tunnel advanced another 2,100m, averaging 6.7m/d in June. Tunneling at South Portal Lower has also improved, having advanced over 700m.

Jody Kuzenko, CEO, Torex Gold, highlighted that in addition to strong production results, the company achieved the milestone of exceeding 10 million hours worked without lost-time injury for the second time. “Our second quarter production results demonstrate that our excellence in safety and operational discipline continues, both keys to the reliable and consistent results people have come to expect from Torex, and we expect more of the same in the second half of 2022. We plan to further enhance this safety culture as we bring Media Luna into production.”

In interview with MBN, Kuzenko said the company’s safety track record “demonstrates to the world that you can be a best-in-class producer, produce with excellent margins and do so safely.”

“We believe gold can be produced without hurting people; all accidents can be prevented. Torex Gold aims to connect the head with the heart. People need a reason to work safely other than systems, procedures or rules. In Mexico, Torex connects this to relationships between employees and with their respective families,” she added.

Recently, in Torex’s 2021 Responsible Gold Mining Report, the company stressed that one of its goals and objectives for 2022 included having no lost-time injuries, continuing to implement SafeStart and SmartCap to build on safety excellence and implementing a new Contractor Safety Management System. The Company said that although it made great progress in 2021, there is still room for improvement. Torex emphasized that with the greater development of its projects, it hopes to generate an increasingly positive impact in Mexico.

Photo by:   Torex Gold

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