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Transteco-Reggiana Riduttori Launch New Era of Opportunities

By Paloma Duran | Mon, 06/14/2021 - 08:44

On the heels of a new era for the company, Transtecno Group is ready to take advantage of emerging opportunities across industries. The group is a specialist in power transmission with 40 years of experience. With that background, it provides to the industry solutions of a wide range of gearmotors (worm, in-line helical, helical bevel, parallel helical and planetary) and AC and DC electric motors, either standard or customized for projects.

A year ago, Transtecno became part of the Interpump Group and, with this acquisition, it has become part of a power transmission hub. This transaction marked a new era for the company, opening new opportunities to further develop and establish strategic alliances, such as that with its sister company Reggiana Riduttori.

Reggiana Riduttori is an Italian manufacturer  of planetary gearboxes for a wide range of power transmission applications in mining and has more than 45 years of engineering experience. Both companies were selected by Interpump Group to be part of the power transmission division, since their products complement each other, allowing them to provide more interesting solutions. The two manufacturers develop products that meet the highest quality standards in the industry and are designed by a highly innovative technical team in Italy.

Transtecno products range from standard gearmotors to entire series for specific markets and projects. The company has two lines of products: the Aluminum (Alu) with torques  capacity up to 1500Nm, and the Iron line, which has a range of gearmotors with torques up to 3,500Nm.

The new partnership  with Reggiana Riduttori has allowed Transtecno to expand its solutions and capabilities. Riduttori´s planetary gearmotors can reach up to 10 million Nm and can be used in mining, heavy industry, marine and offshore, aerial platforms, the sugar industry, agriculture, forestry and material handling.

For  the mining industry, Reggiana Riduttori offers the RR/RA series, which has torques up to 10,000,000Nm; the RRTD/RRWD series that can reach up to 50,000Nm; the FF/W series that achieves up to 230,000Nm and the P/RH/RV combined series can reach 4,300,000.

The RR series, which are the company´s most powerful planetary gearbox, are mainly used in crushers. The W, RH and FF series are applied for ship-loader/unloader. The RH and FF series can be used for stackers and reclimer and for thickener/clarifier, while the FF series can be applied with single or multiples drives.

Among Reggiana Riduttori’s advantages is that it offers products that are produced in Europe and controlled by several tests and certifications to guarantee high quality. As a result, the products are compact, durable, impact proof and low maintenance.  In addition, Reggiana Riduttori is a medium-sized company, which allows it to customize products and offer faster and more efficient solutions to clients. Likewise, deliveries are competitive in the market and thanks to the alliance with Transtecno, it can cover more territory and projects in the mining sector for the LATAM region.

In an interview with MBN, Juan Carlos Macías, General Manager of Transtecno Group  Mexico, said that 2021 will be a year of development and incorporation of new technologies for both companies and that their main market strategy will be to inform the sector about these new innovations and highlight their benefits.

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Paloma Duran Paloma Duran Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst