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Trust Precedes New Tech Adoption Among Miners

By Lorenzo Núñez | Wed, 06/02/2021 - 13:05

Q: What benefits does Rama Mantenimiento offer clients as a distributor of FLSmidth, DFMC and Pam Saint Gobain equipment?

A: We have a distribution agreement for sampling equipment, samplers and for ductile cast iron pipe.  We promote their products and provide on-site support. In return, they provide us with technical insight regarding its products. Our relationship with our commercial partners exists because they need someone who can understand the mining companies needs in detail, such as installation and maintenance service.  They create a generic product, and we help them take that solution and tailor it to our clients’ needs. We are the bridge between the mine and our partners.

We also continuously research new products that may be on the horizon. We read news outlets such as MBN, where we glean insights into new products under development and also look at OEM websites in different countries.


Q: How does the Mexican mining industry compare to that of other countries?

A: Mexico is a traditional country and some engineers have a difficult time adapting to new technologies, so they tend to gravitate to older technologies. However, with all the foreign investment and new generations using newer technologies, the industry has become more open to new ideas. This has allowed other companies like us to begin conversations with mining companies and introduce them to new technologies. They are aware that, otherwise, they could be left behind. For the most part, they ask for references. They do not like being the first to try a new product.


Q: How does Rama Mantenimiento adapt to its clients’ needs?

A: Some companies tend to have a generic questionnaire and work in countries where regulations are mostly the same, where these types of questionnaires work. In Mexico, we are not very organized, so big companies must adapt to their clients. As a result, a site visit is extremely important. This is all based on trust, which we need build in order for future clients to open the door to us and allow us to visit. After the visit, we do our own research of the site, including the way it operates, the type of terrain they are working on, the number of operators on-site and climate. Once our research is done, we then design a solution plan.


Q: What was social media’s role for the company during the pandemic?

A: Through social media, we were able to contact users and we started building their trust by sharing important information about our products. We also changed the way we offered our products. Instead of describing our products, we described the importance of having a correct mine operation. We then introduced our products in those explanations and people began contacting us.


Q: What opportunities do you see in the growing digitalization and automation trend in the industry?

A: Much of the investment that comes from foreign countries results in new automatization technologies. In an unexpected turn of events, the pandemic helped the industry realize that certain operations are better off being automated, not only for disease control but for cost effectiveness and safety. Our products replace some of the riskier operations of a mine, and the pandemic helped us get it into different mining operations.


Rama Mantenimiento is service company that specializes in diagnostics, training, advisory, coordination, supervision and execution of projects to improve operational processes.


Lorenzo Núñez Lorenzo Núñez Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst