Vulcan 3D Modeling and Mine Planning Software

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 13:17

3D modeling technologies have become a common tool in mining prospects exploration and mine planning designs. With the knowledge provided by this type of software, mining companies are able to improve operational performance while substantially improving the profitability of their operations.

Maptek Vulcan is a 3D mining software solution that allows users to validate and transform raw mining data into dynamic tridimensional models, accurate mine designs and operating plans. This software provides users with high quality interactive modeling and planning packages. From haulage profiles to grade controls, the system delivers functionality, efficiency and improved productivity to mining companies worldwide. Vulcan is an integration platform for all types of spatial geological data. This geological modeling and mine planning software enhances the visual understanding of very complex structural relationships, enabling users to perform powerful assessments of the conditions found on mining projects. The program incorporates different comprehensive packages designed to help mining companies address their needs throughout the full mining cycle, ranging from exploration, geological modeling, and resource estimation to mine design, scheduling, and rehabilitation.

Vulcan Modules allows geologists to access and view 3D drillhole data, define geological zones and accurately model ore bodies and deposits. These modules contain all the geostatistical tools widely used in risk analysis, uncertainty assessment, and bivariate simultaneous grade estimations. The block modeling features create geological, structural and grade-quality models for stratigraphic and non-stratigraphic applications. They can be used to perform face mapping in the field, structural modeling or to calculate preliminary resources. These features provide a  platform for the creation, visualisation and manipulation of intricate block designs, with the capabilities to accurately model geological contacts and boundaries. With the included options for triangulation, grid mesh modeling and contouring, it is possible to enhance the understanding of engineering setups.

Vulcan Open Pit and Underground Mine Modelers provide tools for mine engineers to design, evaluate, and maintain daily mine operations. Surfaces and design lines can be easily updated with the latest operation data to generate daily production reports. Users can design pits phases and dumps with multiple ramp systems to transform non-operational optimized pit shells into mine designs that meet engineering and geotechnical criteria. The use of grade interpolation by inverse distance method for resource models and the determination tools for volumes and tonnages contribute to quickly evaluate designs for economic, quantitative or volumetric factors. For underground mine construction users it can generate optimized design for rooms, pillar ramps, blocks for cut and fill, and sub-level stoppings for each mining scenario. Another interesting feature integrated in Vulcan is the Scheduler application, which is a specialized package for mine scheduling. Besides all the design tools and modeling options of Vulcan, the Chronos Scheduler is at the core of the package. The Chronos Scheduler can be used for short, medium, and long term scheduling as well as for equipment scheduling. The visualisation of results from scheduling decisions through virtual mining animations and the capacity to work with modules in a spreadsheet environment to store, schedule, manipulate and report mine production information, promotes efficiency and increases operational profitability.