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The Week in Mining: Mexican Projects Set for a Strong 2020

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 09:33

The Week in Mining highlights developments in Mexico’s industry, as well as global trends shaping production. Great Panther and Orla Mining are set to have a strong 2020. While Mexico’s Supreme Court resolves Chihuahua’s appeal against the relocation of the Mining Fund, MX$3.2 billion (US$171.4 billion) remain idle. As the world’s biggest miners move away from minerals such as coal favoring products perceived as “greener,” like lithium, researchers debate about the white metal’s lasting relevance.


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Great Panther Mining, a Canadian company with assets in Mexico (Guanajuato and Durango) and Brazil, is set to increase production in 2020.


Orla Mining approved investment for kickstarting construction at Camino Rojo, a gold oxide project in Zacatecas. 


MX$3.2 billion (US$171.4 billion) from the Mining Fund remain unused as a result of Chihuahua’s constitutional appeal to the Supreme Court regarding the changes in the fund’s destination.


The Supreme Court granted an amparo to 35 community-members that claim to have been affected by Grupo México’s 2014 spill in the Sonora River.




The world’s biggest mining companies are ditching minerals such as coal, opting instead for greener products like sodium potash.


Juan Carlos Liu, Peru’s Energy and Mining Minister, said the South American country will have regulations for the exploitation of lithium ready in the coming year.


Mining companies would do well to follow a careful strategy regarding lithium, as technology brings forth alternatives to the white battery metal