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The Week in Mining:Community Relations Key for a Healthy Industry

By Alejandro Ehrenberg | Fri, 11/08/2019 - 16:57

Mexico’s mining industry needs a coherent framework for regulating relations between miners and communities. This would stimulate growth, said Minera Cuzcatlán, which is evaluating whether to carry out at least a US$200 million investment in the country. The Mining Fund is a key instrument for generating healthier and more stable community relations. However, changes introduced by Mexican legislators put its effectiveness in question. In Africa, workers of Canadian company Semafo were fatally ambushed. The official death toll is 37. 


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Moody’s warned that conflicts with adjoining communities will remain a persistent risk for miners doing business in Mexico.


Minera Cuzcatlán, whose flagship mine is located in Oaxaca, is analyzing the best jurisdiction to carry out its next investment. The company said it requires greater government support regarding community relations.  


The number of concessions in the country has decreased[MJM2]  continoulsy over the past 20 years, reaching a record low under the current administration.


Industry leaders and state governors demand that the Mining Fund reach its original recipients and is not handed over to the Ministry of Education.




37 people were killed in an attack on a Canadian mining convoy in Burkina Faso.


Zambia cancelled a copper mining project in Lower Zambezi National Park.


Congo challenges Canadian miner Banro’s declaration of force majeure.

Alejandro Ehrenberg Alejandro Ehrenberg Journalist and Industry Analyst