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Felipe Palma
General Manager
A precise metallurgical balance lets you know how much ore is being processed in the plant and how much is being sent to the tailings pond.
gold jewlry
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Gold-backed ETFs are regulated, but bars, coins and jewelry tend not to be. The World Gold Council has proposed a solution.
big mine
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Minera Alamos will acquire the Cerro de Oro gold project in Zacatecas, bolstering the company’s total claim holdings in the district.
holding minero
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Juan Carlos Mazón
Holding Minero
Holding Minero creates access for a group of top companies to provide their services in the Mexican market.
frente carlos pavon
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Carlos Pavón
Secretary General
National Union of Miners and Metallurgists (FRENTE)
When many unions compete with each other, extreme claims proliferate. However, the point is to reach deals that satisfy both parties.
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The environmental authority found no infiltrations, discharges or spills of hazardous materials that could impact the outside of the mining operation.
grupo gap fraga
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Gabino Fraga
Founder and Partner
Grupo GAP
Miners have to articulate a position and communicate it to Congress so that refrorms are appropriate to the industry’s reality.
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Cynthia Villa
General Manager
A multidisciplinary engineering firm, GRUMINEX does mechanical design and defines the best equipment for each particular project.
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Higher commodity prices and lower costs have resulted in a significant rise in profitability for the world's top silver producer.
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