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Beetrack Expands Logtech Across Latin America

Pablo Yáñez - Beetrack
Country Manager México


Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 04/04/2022 - 09:03

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Q: How does Beetrack’s PlannerPro optimize companies’ delivery routes?

A: We have two services. The first is PlannerPro, which has been very successful across Latin America and optimizes services through an algorithm that ranks last-mile variables, including volume, weight, vehicle capacity and travel distance. It then delivers an optimized plan to our customers so that they can reduce driver costs, optimize the number of vehicles en route, meet promised delivery times and reduce site costs.

The second is LastMile, which takes customer experience to the next level through a mobile app that our drivers use to provide tracking information to customers. In e-commerce purchasing, it is unpleasant and anxiety-inducing to not have access to order information. Today’s buyers demand access to this information at any given moment. They want to know when the package left, when it will be delivered, where it is during transit and when it arrives.

Q: How do both platforms translate into time and money savings for companies?

A: Implementing Beetrack’s LastMile and PlanetPro brings customers an endless array of benefits. By providing a better service, one-time buyers become returning customers. Call center costs are also reduced because customers ask fewer questions when they receive more information. From a delivery standpoint, multiple trips are often necessary because no one is home to receive the package during the first delivery attempt. We notify customers when to expect a delivery so they can tell us if they will not be home. This translates into millions of dollars in savings for the company. Finally, route optimization reduces multiple distribution costs.

Q: In December 2021, DispatchTrack acquired Beetrack. How has this acquisition strengthened Beetrack’s operations?

A: DispatchTrack is the largest company for last-mile delivery in the world. We are extremely proud that we were chosen out of all Latin American competitors. This benefits us by providing global exposure. We have services in Latin America, with offices in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. We are also present, but do not have an office, in many other countries in the region but we have faced difficulty expanding to the US and the EU, which are now within reach thanks to DispatchTrack. Just like DispatchTrack, we want to be the largest software developer globally. DispatchTrack has a top-of-the-line development team in India that is helping us on all fronts.

Q: What success stories have you experienced in the Mexican market?

A: We arrived in Mexico three years ago and in this short period we have secured over 150 customers nationally, including some very well-known brands. For example, we worked with Sam’s Club to digitize its entire last-mile delivery system that used to be manual. Today, the company is planning to measure delivery times, improve user experience and improve sales using Beetrack’s services. Another company, GAIA Design, was able to improve its delivery success rate from 92-95 percent to 97-98 percent, improving client retention. In Chile, a company was able to lower the number of call center calls by 33 percent and also lowered its rejected deliveries by 1.5 percent, which translates to millions of dollars in savings annually. Such a result is easy to achieve using the LastMile tool. We are creating new success stories in Mexico and will document those with YouTube videos.

Q: What areas of opportunity exist in tracking and shipment management to reduce time and costs for companies?

A: Everything can always be improved. Beetrack, as part of DisptachTrac khas over 2,100 customers all over the world, 850 of them are in Latin America and we are always receiving feedback to continue improving. We recently launched the Click & Collect service as an add-on for LastMile. Click & Collect was developed for sectors such as retail, in which customers sometimes want to pick up products in person at distribution centers to avoid paying delivery fees. Clients receive a QR code they can scan to access and take home their product. We are constantly developing new services. We will soon launch OnDemand for all companies that deliver in less than 30 minutes, such as restaurants or liquor stores.

Q: How has the Click & Collect modality grown?

A: Growth accelerated after the pandemic. Industries were pushed to expand e-commerce services and luckily our platform was strong enough to handle that kind of growth. Some companies were not as prepared but our structure allowed us to manage this growth without losing service quality. Often, massive growth affects customer experience but we grew while also retaining customers.

Q: What are Beetrack’s top priorities for its Mexican market in 2022?

A: Our first goal is to grow our commercial team. Today, we are a team of 10 people and we want to reach 30 to have a more complete team with which to expand to the entire country. We are going to launch On Demand, which we expect will be well received in Mexico, which is a market that is open to new technology and has an amazing number of startups. With this product we will be able to continue supporting Mexican businesses. Finally, we want to focus on retail, CPG companies and AAA companies.

Good things are coming in Mexico and Latin America this year. Our team is ready to assist companies of any size in the distribution products while generating the best possible experience for clients.


Beetrack provides customized logistics solutions to B2B and B2C customers through its digital platforms PlannerPro and LastMile. These platforms allow for planning of deliveries and real-time visibility of goods.


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