BNSF to Invest US$3.96 Billion in 2023
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BNSF to Invest US$3.96 Billion in 2023

Photo by:   BNSF
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Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 16:33

BNSF Railway Company plans to invest US$3.96 billion in 2023. Most of these funds will be used to enhance its ability to operate a safe and reliable network.

"Our capital plan reflects our growth mindset and commitment to having the capacity and equipment we need to support our customers. Continued investment in our network through our capital plans helps ensure we run a safe, efficient and growing railroad that provides customers with the service they expect from BNSF," says Katie Farmer, President and CEO, BNSF Railway Company.

Most of the investment dedicated for this year, US$2.85 billion, will be focused on maintaining BNSF’s core network and related assets. This investment ensures the railroad stays in optimal condition, resulting in less unscheduled service outages, the company says. Maintenance projects include replacing and upgrading rail and maintaining its rolling stock. It will involve maintaining nearly 14,000 miles of track surfacing and/or performing undercutting work. Works also include the replacement of 346 miles of rail and approximately 2.8 million rail ties. 

The year’s capital plan earmarked US$402 million for equipment acquisitions and over US$700 million for expansion and efficiency projects, The company has invested about US$2.5 billion in expansion projects over the past five years. This year’s expansion plans support BNSF’s automotive, agribusiness and industrial products customers.

BNSF will begin the construction of a second bridge over the Missouri River at Sibley, Missouri, on its Southern Transcon route between the US West Coast and Midwest, the company says. The plans also include projects in New Mexico, Texas, Washington and California.

BNSF Railway is a leading freight transportation company in the USMCA region, operating about 32,500 route miles of track in the US, Canada and Mexico. BNSF is one of the top transporters of consumer goods, grain and agricultural products, low-sulfur coal and industrial goods. BNSF has developed one of the most technologically advanced and efficient railroads in the industry, says the company.

The freight transportation company’s network covers two-thirds of the US in its western part, extending from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. The BNSF network interconnects with CSX Transportation Inc. and Norfolk Southern for access to all Northeast and East Coast markets, as well as Canadian National and Canadian Pacific for access to Canadian markets and with KCS-Mexico (KCSM) and Ferrocarril Mexicano (FXE) to access the Mexican markets.

Photo by:   BNSF

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