Cross-border Disruptions Continue: The Week in Logistics
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Cross-border Disruptions Continue: The Week in Logistics

Photo by:   Tom Fisk
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Adriana Alarcón By Adriana Alarcón | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Fri, 10/13/2023 - 09:30

This week, the world faced the escalation of the Israel-Hamas conflict, which has left several injured and caused many fatalities. The conflict is expected to have long-reaching repercussions across numerous economies and supply chains.

In other news, CANACAR has called on Texas’ authorities to stop the intense inspections by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), which are causing losses amounting to millions of dollars. Meanwhile, to strengthen bilateral relations between California and Baja California, San Diego officials and Mexican senators gathered to discuss challenges, opportunities and trade.

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Israel-Hamas Conflict Could Impact International Trade

Hamas' surprise attack on Israel sparked a war that is causing casualties and global economic concerns. Mexico supports a two-state solution to the Israel-Hamas conflict that would address Israel's security concerns and create a viable Palestinian state. Trade relations with Israel may suffer as it is Mexico’s largest trade partner in the Middle East. Mexico is assisting its citizens in Israel amid the escalating conflict.

Strengthening Binational Ties in California, Baja California

Mexican senators and San Diego officials met to strengthen the binational CaliBaja relationship, focusing on the dynamic economic region along the US-Mexico border. The CaliBaja region boasts a US$250 billion GDP with US$70 billion in cross-border trade. 

CANACAR Urges Texas Government to Halt Cross-Border Inspections

Problems at the Mexico-US border continue, leading the Mexican Government and CANACAR to urge Texas' authorities to stop Greg Abbott's extensive inspections. These inspections have disrupted Mexican-US trade, leaving goods worth over US$2 billion stranded at the border with excessive waiting times, putting truck drivers at risk.

The Mayan Train's Section 3 Track is Complete

The Mayan Train project keeps advancing, report Mexican authorities. The track of Section 3 is now complete and its complementary works also report significant advances. These works include the New Uxmal Park, La Plancha Park and Hotel Mayan Train. Authorities also report that a second test drive was successfully completed.

Coahuila Receives Investment Boom With 62 Projects in 2023

Coahuila adds three new investment projects, hitting a total of 62 projects throughout 2023. These projects include those by HNI Corporation Mexico, Surman Industrial Park (SIP) Mieleras and Industrial Park MENCORSA. According to Governor Miguel Riquelme, the state ranks second in exports and is the fourth most competitive in Mexico. It is also the fourth-largest contributor to the industrial GDP and the second-safest in the country.

Photo by:   Tom Fisk

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