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Element Fleet Management Forms Unique Alliance in Mexico

By Pamela Benítez | Mon, 10/18/2021 - 15:04

Element Fleet Management, the world´s largest automotive fleet manager, has established a strategic alliance with industry key players in Mexico to help the country transition from vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE) to electric vehicles (EV), becoming the first agreement of its kind to ever exist in the country. 

As the supplier of the largest range of fleet services and solutions for corporates and governments across North America, Australia, and New Zealand, Element Fleet Management formed an alliance with four essential players in Mexico to provide efficient, safe, and intelligent electric fleets to Mexican companies in an opportunity to electrify the country, emphasizing on the distribution of secondary and last-mile segments. 

This agreement includes the Mexican units of Build Your Dreams (BYD) busses, Electric Mobility Trucks (EMT), After Sales Electric Mobility (ASEM), and Enel Green Power. Every key player will execute a specific role within the alliance. 

Element will be providing a financial scheme of vehicle and infrastructure, insurance, management, maintenance administration, and telemetry for the fleet units. Enel Green Power plans to establish required infrastructure for electric recharging units, supplying energy in an intelligent way with 100 percent renewable energy. Enel has developed projects in the past that involve full renewable energy for Heineken’s plant in Meoqui, Chihuahua, as reported by MBN.

EMT, as the Mexican distributor of the light goods BYD vehicles of Chinese origin which have a capacity between 0.8 and 3.5 tons, will be in charge of supplying car bodies in accordance with each company’s line of business. EMT will be supported through ASEM, its sister company, by supplying national coverage maintenance with cutting-edge telemetry tools. 

This initiative was established because delivery between production and distribution centers to the final sales points or directly to consumers are not only two rapid-growth segments but also one of the biggest producers of local carbon emissions. 

The transition toward electric fleets will stop the generation of these contaminant emissions, and this is expected to be accompanied by a reduction of the total costs of having EVs in contrast to the costs of owning vehicles with an internal combustion engine. 

The compromise with the environment has been a goal that has accompanied Enel Green Power due to its importance in the energy sector. Montserrat Palomar, Head of Sustainability at Enel told MBN at the 2021 Mexico Energy Forum that “the energy industry has a huge environmental responsibility. If our sector does what it has to do, we could decrease the world’s CO2 emissions by 90 percent […] if energy is clean and sustainable, it can serve as a root for greater sustainability across other sectors and segments.” 

This is a one-of-a-kind alliance in Mexico as it simplifies the complexity of each of the elements involved in the transition toward electric mobility, which are EVs, car bodies, electric infrastructure, and electric recharging of units powered by 100 percent renewable energy. All of this is accompanied by Element’s fleet management solution. This agreement is expected to take Mexico’s electric mobility to the next level.

"At Element, we specialize in simplifying complexity for our customers in everything we do. Transitioning to electric vehicles means helping them navigate this process. Thanks to this alliance, we will be able to achieve things easier, as we have created a unique and strategic synergy with world-class companies, while covering all the components that companies will need for this change," said Manuel Tamayo, CEO of Element Fleet Management Mexico.

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