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Expansion of Circuito Interior to Reduce Traffic to AICM

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Fri, 03/26/2021 - 17:22

Mexico City International Airport (AICM) is now more road accessible thanks to the expansion of Río Churubusco Circuito Interior street in the stretch between Viaducto and Ignacio Zaragoza streets, reports Forbes Mexico. “A continuity bottleneck was removed on very important roads that give access to the Mexico City International Airport,” wrote Claudia Sheinbaum, Major of Mexico City, on Twitter. The renovation aims to reduce travel time between La Raza and AICMS from 33 minutes to 10 minutes, reported La Jornada.

“With the road expansion in Circuito Interior, Galindo and Villa, we have reduced travel time for those who live in and pass through Venustiano Carranza, Iztacalco and Iztapalapa. We also improved surrounding public spaces through the rehabilitation of sidewalks, by adding more lighting and green areas,” announced Mexico City’s Ministry of Works and Services on Twitter. The Ministry also installed 304 square meters of green areas and improved road connectivity. 

According to La Jornada, the project expanded 1.6 km and represented a MX$368.4 million (US$17.9 million) investment. It includes the expansion to the overpass in Fray Servando street, the incorporation of one more lane in Circuito Interior and its intercession with Viaducto Miguel Alemán. The infrastructure project also allowed for the construction of a ramp to join the bridge to Ignacio Zaragoza road.

This is a project that will benefit the entire city, says Sheinbaum, as it reduces travel times towards the city’s airport. "It has benefits for those who move to Puebla and use Viaducto, Circuito Interior and Zaragoza. It benefits those who go to Mexico City International Airport. It benefits those who cross through Circuito Interior to move from the north to the south of the city or from the east to the west. So, it brings great benefits for the entire Mexico City," said Sheinbaum to Milenio

This is not the only mobility project planned for the city. The Director of Traffic Engineering at the Ministry of Public Safety, Luis Ruiz, reported that the city is planning more improvements in the roads connecting La Raza to Oceania, Oceania to Tlalpan and Tlalpan to Insurgentes Sur, reported Forbes Mexico.

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