Grupo Rhenus Acquires BLU Logistics, Awaits Colombia’s Approval
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Grupo Rhenus Acquires BLU Logistics, Awaits Colombia’s Approval

Photo by:   Rhenus Logistics
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Reneé Lerma By Reneé Lerma | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Fri, 09/29/2023 - 12:38

Global logistics powerhouse Grupo Rhenus acquired BLU Logistics, a leading cargo transportation company with a significant footprint across Latin America. 

BLU Logistics operates in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, China and Hong Kong, managing a volume of over 180,000 TEUs of maritime cargo.

A key figure in this development is David Kassin, who will become CEO of Rhenus Air and Ocean LATAM.

 "This is a triumph for BLU Logistics, Rhenus and, above all, our customers", says Kassin.

Grupo Rhenus has also secured a majority stake of 51% in the LBH Group, a company operating in 30 countries worldwide, including six in Latin America. This strategic move allows Grupo Rhenus to further extend its reach into Latin America, Asia and Africa as a global-oriented port agency.

As part of this acquisition, Grupo Rhenus takes charge of all employees of the LBH Group and becomes responsible for handling incoming and outgoing vessels, regardless of the type of cargo they transport. 

"We look forward to continuing successfully to grow our business together, with our trusted partner Rhenus becoming a permanent feature in our future orientation", says Bert Lagendijk, Managing Partner, LBH Group.

Grupo Rhenus’ acquisition of BLU Logistics is subject to approval by Colombian antitrust authorities.

With Grupo Rhenus' global network and reach, BLU Logistics seeks to explore new regions and expand its customer base into territories like India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the EU and North America.

Photo by:   Rhenus Logistics

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