Henkel Upgrades Logistics Operations Via New Toluca Center
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Henkel Upgrades Logistics Operations Via New Toluca Center

Photo by:   Cleyder Duke, Pexels
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Pamela Benítez By Pamela Benítez | Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 12/06/2021 - 10:54

Henkel aims to improve its logistics operational capacity while reducing carbon emissions via its new Toluca center, a 10-year investment valued at approximately MXN$840 million. The center is designed to store Laundry & Home Care and Henkel’s Beauty Care products. 

The Germany-based company has also made investments in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), new platforms and about 30,000 new racks. This will allow Henkel to achieve a total capacity of 80,000 pallet positions with 86,000 square meters of floor space during its first phase.

Investment in technology and innovation has also accompanied its logistics process as the new facilities are equipped with automatic unloading vehicles, warehouse management software and electric forklift trucks. 

These technologies are expected to upgrade Toluca’s warehouse efficiency with operation times of up to 48-hour customer delivery shipments. In addition, this minimizes the complexity around logistics processes with an eco-friendly approach while supporting the local economy.

"It also drives us to continue supporting business growth in the country through job creation," said Valentín López, President, Henkel Mexico. 

Regarding the company’s commitment to CO2 reduction, Toluca’s Henkel center decreases energy consumption by30 percent due to the use of electric forklifts and LED technology. 

David Maldonado, Director of Supply Operations in Mexico and Supply Planning, Henkel Latin America, has confirmed that this new center has a sustainable approach in all its processes to minimize the company’s carbon footprint as the Toluca center is located close to the company’s production site.

“We consolidated the operation of seven warehouses in this innovative logistics center that is closer to the production site, thus saving 220,000 kilometers," said Maldonado.

Henkel is not the only German company seeking expansion while considering greener alternatives due to the current consumer growing demands. 

For instance, within the automotive industry, Nazareth Black, CEO Zacua, pointed out, that "the automotive “client” has evolved and now has a new ecological conscience which makes them want to acquire “greener” solutions,” said Black.

Such is the case for BMW, which has recently announced that it is also moving toward a sustainable direction by “looking to introduce BMW’s first 100 percent green vehicle, which involves a sustainable supply chain, production and delivery of their electric cars,” reported MBN during the presentation of the President of Grupo BMW Planta San Luis Potosí, Harald Gottshce at the 2021 CIIAM.

Photo by:   Cleyder Duke, Pexels

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