Mercado Libre Ramps Up to Face El Buen Fin Demand
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Mercado Libre Ramps Up to Face El Buen Fin Demand

Photo by:   Marcin Jozwiak , Unsplash
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/16/2023 - 17:43

The Argentine e-commerce giant Mercado Libre revealed its commitment to enhance logistics capabilities for the upcoming edition of El Buen Fin. The company aims to expedite deliveries, aiming to complete shipments within 48 hours.

With the 13th edition of El Buen Fin just hours away, major e-commerce platforms are gearing up for a digital shopping boom. According to the Mexican Association of Online Sellers' (AMVO) Purchase Expectations for El Buen Fin 2023 report, more than 94% of potential customers are considering a mix of both online and in-store shopping. Furthermore, over three in every 10 people plan to exclusively buy online during El Buen Fin.

Mercado Libre revealed it will deploy over 16,000 drivers and four planes to ensure deliveries in less than 48 hours, supported by a US$1.2 billion investment. Currently, Mercado Libre’s logistics network delivers nine out of every 10 products sold on its platform. "Our numbers are a successful blend of artificial intelligence (AI), which helps optimize processes, and multiple distribution centers across the country that deliver 14,000 packages per day,” said José Milla, Director of Logistics, Mercado Libre Mexico.

Mercado Libre uses AI to streamline shipping processes, ensuring both speed and affordability, with 83% of shipments offered free of charge to the buyer. Machine learning and natural language processing empower Mercado Libre to anticipate demands, strategically position products, and consolidate shipments, minimizing travel requirements and achieving nationwide deliveries in under 48 hours.

According to David Geisen, Country Manager, Mercado Libre, the Mexican market is one of the most attractive for the company despite its relatively low e-commerce penetration, with only 14.2% of retail sales done through digital channels. However, Geisen noted that growth expectations for e-commerce penetration in 2023 stand at around 14%, as reported by MBN. 

Mercado Libre sees the Mexican market as a good opportunity for the company and is looking to expand its operations within the country with an environmental focus, as it is planning to add on more than 1,000 electric units by the end of 2023. The company is also looking to incorporate the use of clean energy at its logistics centers to boost its environmental results.


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Photo by:   Marcin Jozwiak , Unsplash

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