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Metrobús Fares Via Card, Phone or Smart Watch

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Wed, 03/03/2021 - 09:05

Don’t you hate when you arrive in the Metrobus station and have no cash to recharge your Mobility Card? Soon you will not have to worry. The Mexico City government announced that Metrobús will accept new payment methods, letting you pay with a card, phone or smart watch, reports El Universal.

Roberto Capuano, Director General of Metrobús, said that starting in June, a new charging system will be implemented. “The new system will allow us to start accepting payments via credit card for the purchase of Mobility Cards. Also, at stations of Lines 1, 2 and 3, users will be able to recharge with CoDi,” explained Capuano in a videoconference, reported Expansión Política. CoDi is a payment platform created by Banxico back in 2019. With it, users only need internet access and a bank account connected to a fintech platform to use it, according to MBN.

These new changes will change the user experience at the Metrobús. Also, new turnstiles will be installed to read QR codes, so users can access the station with their phones or smart watch instead of a Mobility Card, reports El Financiero. The service will not have an extra cost. “This will be done in Lines 1, 2 and 3 starting in June. The first line will be Line 2, then Line 3 and finally Line 1,” he added. Claudia Sheinbaum, Major of Mexico City, explained that this will not mean that the new Mobility Cards will no longer be accepted.

The Mexico City government has significantly invested in the Metrobus, including the recently announced details for Line 0 that will begin construction in 2022, as previously reported by MBN. Other investments aim to make the system safer. The Ministry of Mobility (SEMOVI) of Mexico City also created a new monitoring system that will fine vehicles that invade the Metrobús line, reports El Financiero. Fines will go from MX$3,000 (US$145.55) to MX$5,000 (US$242.59), according to the Ministry of Mobility’s Twitter account.

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