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Mexico City-Queretaro Train: Project of Opportunities

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Wed, 12/02/2020 - 13:35

The construction of the Mexico City-Queretaro train, a well-discussed project during Mexico’s past presidential term, is back on the table as one of the 39 infrastructure projects of the current administration. It is one of the projects that will get the most private investment during 2021, says Animal Politico, with an investment of MX$51.3 million (US$2.56 million). Its construction is programmed to start in June 2021 with the backing of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the latter saying it will be a really modern transportation option for passengers. There is still no information concerning studies about the project.

Making a stronger link between Queretaro and Mexico City is important for both cities. “The proximity that we have with Mexico City tells us about the commercial exchange that we have with them. Traffic makes this communication more complicated, so this will help in the generation of a transversal economy. It brings benefits automatically, in terms of mobility and in terms of the advantages of proximity towards Mexico City,” Carlos Habacuac Ruiz Uvalle, President of the National Chamber of Commerce, Service and Tourism’s Delegation (CONCANACO-SERVYTUR) in Queretaro, told El Economista. He also mentioned that this train could also increase tourism for both cities.

Jorge Rivadeneyra Díaz, President of the National Chamber of Industry Transformation (CANACINTRA), told El Economista, “We are certain that this could bring even more industrial growth, tourism and logistics to Querétaro. From the moment the project starts construction, we will see an economic reactivation and we do need those triggers.”

This mobility project could bring various benefits to the region. “The announcement to restart the project creates expectations for it to serve as a trigger for regional growth,” said Humberto Banda Ortiz, Economist and Academic at Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (UAQ), to El Economista. Restarting the project also means a shift in the federal government’s proposal, as most of its projects were focused on the southeastern region of the country. To Banda Ortiz, the train’s construction would bring a more dynamic economic reactivation in the region and would be an opportunity for Queretaro to bring more investments. “This could also mean more migration flows towards the city, which would elevate the demand for public transportation services and infrastructure in the state,” Banda Ortiz added.


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