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Mexico City Renews, Expands ECOBICI

By Antonio Gozain | Wed, 08/03/2022 - 17:06

The government of Mexico City announced advances in the installation of 50 new cycle stations to launch the renewed version of ECOBICI, which will enable users to access a new operating system, facilities and bicycles.

“We are going to have at least 50 [new] cycle stations. It is what we have defined to make it work as a system. We are advancing everyday with the installation of cycle stations and we have already installed 10,” said Guillermo Ávila, Director of Security Road and Sustainable Urban Mobility Systems, SEMOVI.

The new stations will have the latest technology for shared bicycles, enabling users to withdraw bikes through the Integrated Mobility (MI) card or through a new mobile application, which will use QR code technology. In addition, tourists will be able to register directly on cycle stations for one, three or seven days, informed SEMOVI.

The stations will have the latest technology in terms of shared bicycles, with which users will be able to withdraw bikes through the Integrated Mobility card or from a new application by means of a QR code.

The first 10 cycle stations were installed within the Benito Juarez municipality and the process will continue over the next weeks until a total of 480 stations are replaced, said SEMOVI. The government also introduced the new ECOBICI bicycle, which has a front and rear light, a larger rack, a bell on the handlebars and a speed change system, which is imperceptible when rolling.

“The city’s government has a policy to promote the bicycle as a means of transportation and we do it in different ways, through infrastructure and bicycle culture and ECOBICI serves precisely for that. People can see that there are bikes available, so everyone can use them regardless of whether they are older adults or professionals who work in the center of the city,” said Ávila.

ECOBICI started operations in February 2010 with 84 cycle stations and 1,200 bikes. Its popularity drove its growth to over 480 stations across 55 boroughs and a total of 6,800 bikes. ECOBICI remains Mexico City’s cheapest means of transportation, with an annual cost of MX$521 (US$25).

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