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Mexico Has Made Little Progress in Road Safety: CEPA

By Pamela Benítez | Mon, 11/08/2021 - 12:30

Unlike in transportation, Mexico has not advanced in road safety and shows a 45-year delay to meet the international Vision Zero policy, argues CEPA Mobility Care Mexico.

“Mexico in fact has approximately the same (road accidents) that Sweden had almost 50 years ago. We lack a national program that complies with minimum international standards which advocates for a road security agenda articulated within the different governmental levels,” said Jorge Jacobo Diez, CEO, CEPA Mobility Care.

Mexico’s death rate due to traffic accidents is about 13 per 100,000 inhabitants, marking a 45-year gap of progress in road safety, argues Diez. As a solution, CEPA Mobility Care Mexico has proposed to aid companies through training to reduce their accident rate by 65 percent using artificial intelligence (AI), neuroscience and positive psychology with a special focus on human development.

The mobility company reported that around 30 percent of the vehicle fleet in Mexico belongs to the private sector, which needs to commit to best practices to avoid traffic accidents. CEPA Mobility Care is a fourth-time winner company of the National Prize of Road Safety granted by the National Association of Private Transport (ANTP) that offers specialized training solutions for vehicle fleets.

"Putting people at the center of the analysis makes a difference and allows us to manage better uncertainty while minimizing potential damages and losses, using mobility to transform lives," said Diez.

Training is the first step to establish management systems that impact the country’s culture regarding road safety, according to the company. Mexico also needs a homologated management of road accidents and licensing processes throughout the country to guarantee that licensed drivers can operate the vehicles they are using.

To support this objective, CEPA urges the adoption of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030, a resolution that aims to reduce road traffic deaths and injuries by 50 percent. The 74/299 resolution calls for the enhancement of laws and law enforcement against safety road violations, including road and vehicle redesign to reduce deaths and injuries. Parting from this proposal, CEPA Mobility Care Mexico argues that the challenges in the matter have to be faced jointly to ensure that all communities, especially vulnerable ones, thrive. 

The Accident Prevention Center (CEPA) Mobility Care is a specialized company in traffic and transportation risk assessment, specialized in training, consulting and data management for organizations with vehicle fleets. 

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Photo by:   Erik Mclean, Pexels
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