Mexico's Logistics Surge in Veracruz, Sinaloa and More States
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Mexico's Logistics Surge in Veracruz, Sinaloa and More States

Photo by:   Jason Goh, Pixabay
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Adriana Alarcón By Adriana Alarcón | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Fri, 09/15/2023 - 09:30

This week, nearshoring keeps paving the way for companies to keep investing in Mexico, while states prepare for their arrival. Veracruz inaugurated  its “Explanada 12” expansion to attend to the increasing demand in the automotive sector, while Sinaloa secured an alliance with the port of Long Beach to improve trade flows. Furthermore, Puebla sealed the deal to get the first lithium plant for micro-electromobility in the country.

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Veracruz and Sinaloa Ports Leading the Way in Maritime Logistics

ASIPONA Veracruz recently started operations in “Explanada 12”, a space that is set to increase the capacity of the port by 21%, to enhance logistical operations for the automotive industry. Meanwhile in Sinaloa, the ports of Mazatlan and Topolobampo signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the port of Long Beach to strengthen cooperation and their position as crucial logistical hubs.

New Port Colombia-Laredo Checkpoint to Enhance, Boost Customs

Efforts continue in Nuevo Leon to strengthen cross-border trade, as Governor Samuel García inaugurated the checkpoint of Port Colombia-Laredo. This crossing point connects Nuevo Leon with Texas, the US, and aims to make customs safer and faster.

The Path to Connect Nuevo Leon: La Gloria-Colombia Highway

Governor Samuel García also inaugurated the La Gloria-Colombia highway in Nuevo Leon, which will connect the state with the Colombia-Laredo Customs. This move is part of the state’s efforts to turn Nuevo Leon into a key nearshoring hub. 

Coahuila’s Industrial Parks Thrive Amid Nearshoring

Inaugurations continue across the north of Mexico. Governor of Coahuila Miguel Ángel Riquelme was present at the opening of the Golden Industrial Park and also laid the first stone of Amistad Laguna Industrial Park. Both facilities aim to cater to the demand nearshoring is attracting. The state is expected to build three more industrial parks.

Puebla to Get First Lithium Plant for Micro-Electromobility

In a meeting with Governor of Puebla Sergio Salomón, Spanish company Endurance Motive confirmed that its installing the first lithium battery assembly plant for micro-electromobility in the country. This installation aligns with the efforts Puebla is making to enhance electromobility.

Photo by:   Jason Goh, Pixabay

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