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New Mobility Approach for a COVID-19 Reality

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Tue, 03/23/2021 - 13:40

The COVID-19 pandemic caused limitations on many aspects of people’s lives including mobility. When traveling through the city is off the table due to restrictions, what can mobility companies like Waze do to stay relevant? In an interview with Expansión Mujeres, Anasofía Sánchez, Regional Manager for Waze Mexico in Mexico and Spanish Speaking Latin America, explained that the company capitalized on its digital presence during this period.

“Mexico is a country where monetization inside Waze is 100 percent related to publicity. We are a very strong country in this aspect,” said Sánchez. As the outbreak progressed, she implemented several measures to help the company overcome the challenges of confinement. The first step was to continue its marketing strategy to keep attracting and promoting the companies that wanted to work with Waze, while simultaneously educating companies on the potential of digital marketing, reports Expansión Mujeres. To do this successfully, it is necessary to understand consumer behavior and that is one of the biggest advantages Waze offers. The company claims to understand consumer preferences as it knows where people want to go. “One of the best things about Waze, other than taking us out of traffic, is that we know on aggregate who loves to go to restaurants, malls, stores, supermarkets, sports venues and basically every business,” Sánchez said in an article for MBN.

With the information the company gathers from its app, it learns about its consumers, helping the company adapt to their new preferences, reports EL CEO. “If we understand when and where consumers need to go, we can help them save time by telling them when is the right moment to leave or to include other activities [they may be interested in] during their trip,” explained Erin Clift, CMO at Waze.

Other measures the company implemented include the ability to order and pick up products through the app, planning a trip ahead, incorporating other apps into its system, like Spotify or Amazon Music, and strengthening Waze Carpool, reports El CEO. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, users were traveling differently. “We thought that they would be driving longer distances so we focused on this new reality … innovating the idea of ordering something in advance and then being able to pick it up,” explained Clift to El CEO.

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