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Positive Corporate Culture Helps Business Flourish

By Gabriela Mastache | Mon, 03/30/2020 - 10:22

In a heavily competitive business where processes are fairly similar, Henco Global has come to the conclusion that the best way to differentiate itself is through its treatment of talent. “Henco Global’s goal has never been to grow just for the sake of growing but to become the most human company it can be. The consequence of this is the generation of humane employees who are motivated to work and thus boost growth, which will lead us to compete with the largest players in the industry,” says Simon Cohen, CEO of Henco Global.   

Henco Global, a Mexican logistics company created in 1998, specializes in all types of transportation, import and export services, storage and distribution and packaging services. Cohen says that rather than focusing on traditional metrics, the company has always focused on the human aspect of the business. “When your employees are happy, the result is that your clients are also happy and as a company you also have extraordinary results.”

Given Mexico’s geographic location, most logistics companies tend to focus their efforts on the US, its main export market; however, Henco has focused its efforts on the rest of the world. “We do not compete in the US market, but are very strong in the Chinese and Southeast Asian market. Since Mexico has a negative trade balance with Asia, there are many opportunities in this niche,” Cohen says. “Europe and South America also are very important, but they lack the volume of the Asian market.”

As a logistics company, Cohen says that Henco is focused on providing service to a business niche that was unattended. “At first, we were not easily recognized and our goal was to answer and solve every question in the best possible manner. The knowledge we had of the business was very basic, so we had to ask for help, which led us to start working with the best possible suppliers. Today, Henco is one of the largest forwarding companies in the country.” While there is no official ranking regarding the size of freight forwarding companies in Mexico, Cohen says that Henco stands out among its national and international competitors. “We have been recognized as the logistics operator that transports the largest volume at the Lázaro Cárdenas Port and have been recognized as the main client of different shipping companies.”

While business volume is important, Cohen is convinced that the company’s positive performance is the result of a different corporate culture promoted by Henco. “It is not a matter of selling more just for the sake of selling more. We need to have balanced employees who have time for other things like exercise. We have implemented goals for employees related to their lifestyle.” As part of the innovated corporate culture Henco is promoting among its employees, Cohen mentions the impartation of sleep courses so employees are well-rested. “Our most important strength is our culture and we are confident that we can export this culture to the rest of the world.”

Henco Global’s unique corporate culture has translated into the company’s appearance for the 10th year on the Great Place to Work list. “Having the Great Place to Work certification helps us to measure internal processes and thus improve on a yearly basis,” says Cohen.

Among the opportunities for Henco Global is the potential to translate its operations to other countries. “We want Henco to become a multinational company. We need to keep moving and growing, otherwise the company dies.” Cohen is convinced that Henco has not only the capabilities but the talent required to compete with the largest companies in the world. “We have the respect of our clients and the respect of our competitors in the national market. We intend to continue flourishing as a company and continue creating value for our collaborators and our clients.”

Photo by:   Henco Global
Gabriela Mastache Gabriela Mastache Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst