Puebla to Get First Lithium Plant for Micro-Electromobility
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Puebla to Get First Lithium Plant for Micro-Electromobility

Photo by:   Government of Puebla
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Adriana Alarcón By Adriana Alarcón | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 09/12/2023 - 18:01

Spanish company Endurance Motive confirmed the installation of the first lithium battery assembly plant for micro-electromobility in Puebla, which will also become the first one in Mexico. This plant will help consolidate Puebla as an investment destination in the country.

During a meeting with Ander Muelas, President, Endurance Motive, Governor of Puebla Sergio Salomón said that this investment showcases that his administration is promoting public policies that allow the state to offer the best conditions for investment, adding that the initiatives in favor of electromobility are producing results.

Francisco Molla, Director Mexico, Endurance Motive, tells Portal Movilidad that the plant is expected to be ready in six months, but the company will begin training personnel at the end of 2023. Between February and March, the plant will begin manufacturing. Molla adds that the company chose Puebla due to its proximity to coasts, industrial clusters and Mexico City, since the company aims to incorporate many Mexican products. 

Endurance Motive designs, manufactures and sells lithium batteries for industrial traction equipment, urban transport and marine operations. Within electric mobility, the company focuses on providing solutions for manufacturing logistics and delivery trucks. 

At first, Endurance Motive will source between 30% and 35% of its battery components from Mexico, while the lithium cells will be imported from China, according to Reuters. However, the company plans to increase the local content to over 50% within a couple of years.

Photo by:   Government of Puebla

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