RPM Starts Operations in Mexico
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RPM Starts Operations in Mexico

Photo by:   Jens P. Raak
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Rodrigo Andrade By Rodrigo Andrade | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 11/16/2022 - 11:02

Logistics company RPM announced it will enter Mexico, aiming to address the demand for vehicle and freight transportation through innovative and personalized supply chain solutions. The company seeks to establish its brand and presence across the country, while providing flexible services and 3PL solutions.

RPM’s proprietary transport network of independent drivers allows the country to provide its logistics and shipping services to niche markets across Mexico, targeting OEM suppliers and customers, said the company in a press release. RPM aims to add value to its clients by adding data solutions at every step of the life cycle. "I have no doubt that RPM can deliver results and surmount challenges for new and existing customers across Mexico," said Raul Ambriz, Vice President, RPM Mexico. Ambriz will be in charge of implementing the company’s services in the country. He aims to provide effective solutions to Mexico's automotive industry, as supply chain disruptions continue to be a major problem for OEMs and their suppliers. 

"Establishing RPM Mexico is a huge milestone for the organization. Our network of valued customers and carriers will benefit from a highly efficient, quality-driven, talented workforce that will enhance our service offerings," said Sergio Gutierrez, CEO and President, RPM.

Ambriz highlighted that Mexico plays an essential role in the North American automobile sector. “Even essentially the most versatile OEMs available in the market are experiencing new obstacles and sources of adversity as geopolitical challenges amass, which is why this announcement couldn’t have come at a greater time.” 

Mexico has a unique opportunity to establish itself as a critical point for all North American logistics and the country’s privileged geographical position allows manufacturers to be close to one of the biggest markets in the world. Raquel Buenrostro, Minister of Economy, said that the country has the conditions to grow at a 6 percent rate. 

"We are very close to the US. In this context we have a list, there are a little more than 400 companies that want to move to Mexico, so we are also working and meeting everyone. We will also have meetings with the chambers to see which companies want to relocate," said Buenrostro in a press conference. 

Photo by:   Jens P. Raak

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