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Think Critically to Ensure Success

By Jonathan Albanil - Dicka Logistics


By Jonathan Albanil | COO - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 09:00

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As an entrepreneur or executive, one of the biggest challenges we face is trying to predict our future in order to find success. We feel we must consult our crystal ball in business and ask ourselves: What next? What will be the new challenges for the industry? And in turn, ask for a differentiator that makes us unique, whether we are talking about a position, product or service. This analysis is sometimes a central part of what we invest our time in and focus on the questions: What are others doing? What's on the horizon? How do we prepare to provide innovative solutions to new problems? There is a belief that we must spend a large part of our time looking for new solutions to the possible questions of an uncertain future. Is that  really the best way to invest the time to prepare for the future and achieve a differentiating factor?

For the next level, before beginning to visualize the next step, it is important to be very clear about the following: What is it that put you where you are today? It is important to reflect and analyze what your strengths are. Although it is difficult to accept, the focus of this article confirms that it is not necessarily about exceeding your areas of opportunity; the most important thing is to increase your strengths because those strengths are what put you where you are today. If you are an executive or a businessman, in the end, the answer will help you understand how to continue growing and have a differential factor that leads you to be better. What is my greatest virtue? What qualities do my clients prefer and make me choose? The answer does not have to be from your personal point of view, it has to be from the point of view of those who consume your product or service. This applies to all areas of your professional life.

To find the most enriching answer, you have to dedicate time to your client. That closeness will help you understand what makes you the option for them, you will see what your true strengths are and what keeps them with you. If you are not directly close to your client, you should focus your answers by considering yourself to be the client. Quality and price are no longer the main differentiating factor, let's understand that an experience or a feeling is sought, which is obtained when we consume the service or product. We seek in our relationships the feeling of trust and security, as well as making us feel important and unique. When we talk about the safety of a product or service, it means consciously and unconsciously knowing that it complies with standards. It is also that we are receiving a service that aligns  with our values ​​and that is special for those who receive it.

Strengthening your virtues that relate your client to you will give you the growth you are looking for. It is not necessary to look for something new, it is enough to continue doing what you already do well and accompany your client by listening to their specific needs and fears that accompany growth.

Honesty, commitment, and teamwork are the main values that are desired when you formalize a service relationship.

I invite you to rethink the endless question of what does the future hold for us and  looking for something new as a differentiating factor in your work or service model. I invite you to reflect instead on what makes me successful today, analyzing from the customer's perspective. Spend time understanding your true needs.

Today, it is unlikely that we find something unique, something that no one else has and that we can market as a star product. When we provide a service, let's understand what is required of me. You must think both as a client and owner, and never lightly, to  find the scoops that will bring you continued success.

At Dicka Logistics, we understand that we are not going to invent black thread, but we seek to create a service experience with our customers in which they feel they  are unique and that we see them as more than customers but as  business partners. Just like our coworkers stop being employees and become part of our family. This also extends to our customers. We wear the brand's shirt and it makes us feel proud of each product. When we provide a service and the goals of our clients are achieved, we rejoice in their successes, and we regret the failures, but as in every family, sometimes you have ups and downs, but you always look for the best.

I invite you to be critical in your thinking about your services and products. Strengthen your already great virtues and don't waste time trying to look into the crystal ball. Pay attention to your customers. And your needs.

Photo by:   Jonathan Albanil

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