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Uber Pass Goes to Monterrey

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Mon, 03/08/2021 - 08:55

Uber has added new benefits to its monthly membership for users of its mobility and delivery services. Starting in March, customers from Monterrey that use Uber Pass may receive discounts with Uber Flash and Uber Planet. Moreover, users who sync their Cornershop and Uber accounts will get benefits from Cornershop’s POP membership. “We reaffirm our position to become the main everyday operating system for people. Thus, we will offer services with better cost-benefits, both for delivery and mobility, which will help users plan and administer their payments better,” highlighted Eduardo Donnelly, Director of Uber Eats Latin America, to El Financiero.

Uber introduced Uber Pass last year, which brings more benefits for app users and unique offers for food orders through a monthly membership of MX$119 (US$5.60). “Uber Pass is a membership that allows you to save money on both the Uber and Uber Eats apps. For a monthly fee, users have access to discounts on UberX and Uber VIP trips and on food orders through Uber Eats,” reads the app’s website. In terms of mobility, users get a 10 percent discount on 60 UberX trips that will now extend to Uber Planet and Uber Flash.

The app also shows how much users have saved with the membership. Mexicans have saved over MX$220 million (US$10.335 million) since the app’s launch last September, reported El Financiero. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, at Uber we have focused on promoting the economic reactivation of the cities where we operate so we will continue to invest and present innovations through technology,” explained Donnelly to El Financiero.

“Our goal is to be the mobility platform that best adapts to what Mexicans need and that they can trust. Moreover, one of our commitments is to become a sustainable platform to set an example for the future,” said Gretta González, General Manager of Shared Rides at Uber México, in an interview with MBN. To her, it is important for the company to create new mobility alternatives to stay relevant in a competitive market. “We want Uber to be the everyday platform for mobility, whether by using a taxi, a ride, public transportation, a motorcycle, or when moving from one city to another; we want to be there. As COVID-19 continues to evolve, we will adapt to any new needs,” she explained. González also said that Uber Pass gave users great discounts, motivating the company to create even more alternatives for users. Recently, the company announced in a press release that it will support vaccination efforts by offering Mexicans discounts when taking a trip to get vaccinated.

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