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Uber Planet: A Greener Planet One Trip at a Time

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Tue, 02/23/2021 - 17:01

Uber has launched a mobility initiative in Mexico called “Uber Planet,” through which users can decrease their carbon footprint by taking trips in hybrid or electric vehicles, reports Xataka. “Uber Planet is a solution to generate more sustainable trips to build healthier and greener cities for people, where we prioritize the Earth’s well-being and everyone’s health,” explained Gretta González, Director General of Shared Trips at Uber México, according to Líder Empresarial. Uber hopes that by January 2022, over 450 drivers will shift from regular vehicles to hybrid and electric models, while users will receive monthly reports of how many tons of CO2 they have reduced through their trips.

Starting on Feb. 17, users will be able to request a Uber Planet ride that will come with an additional cost of MX$0.37 (US$0.02) per kilometer, reports El Informador. This will be donated to the development of Uber’s Planet service. The company is creating carbon funds alongside Anaconda Carbon, a company that focuses on the mitigation and compensation of carbon footprints. The bonds will be used in certified preservation projects supported by the UN and the Climate Action Reserve, like the San Jeronimo Zacapexco Forest in the State of Mexico, SanRafael Ixtapalucan in Puebla and the Wind Energy Complex I, II and III in the Tehuantepec Isthmus in Oaxaca. “At Uber, we will continue to invest in innovations such as Uber Planet, in addition to promoting multimodality. We are doing this so through technological digital solutions, we can all build a more sustainable and responsible country. Let us take care of the planet one trip at a time,” concluded González.

Other recent sustainability projects include Beat Tesla, an electric vehicle ride-hailing service that is already available in Mexico City, reported Automotores. The company has 150 such vehicles operating in Mexico City, offering more sustainable mobility alternatives. The service has been in operation for four months, mainly in residential areas and business neighborhoods. Beat’s service allows users to reduce their CO2 emissions by 94.661g/km, according to Automotores.

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