UPS Recognizes Mexico’s Logistics Potential
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UPS Recognizes Mexico’s Logistics Potential

Photo by:   Fidel Fernando
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Karin Dilge By Karin Dilge | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 04/13/2023 - 09:00

The multinational logistics company UPS recognizes Mexico's potential and its advantages in terms of connectivity with North and South America for capturing the demand created by the relocation of value chains. The company is ready to capture this demand by leveraging infrastructure capable of connecting Latin America with the US market, said Francisco Ricaurte, President for Latin America and Mexico, UPS. 

According to Ricaurte, Mexico will be the country where UPS will make the most significant investment due to the great expectation the nation has to attract more foreign direct investment flows through supply chain relocation. The company has a portfolio in the region that allows it to offer maritime, as well as air freight. Ricaurte also highlighted the opportunities UPS has as one of the biggest customs brokers in the world for ground transportation, storage and distribution. 

The company recently acquired the Bomi Group, a multinational supplier of the health sector, with the aim of strengthening its position in the sector due to its consolidated presence in Brazil, Colombia and Chile, among other Latin American countries. This alliance also connects the company’s infrastructure with North America, taking advantage of the benefits of USMCA. 

USMCA presents a major opportunity for North American businesses to improve their operations, innovate and expand. Since its inception, the agreement has played a positive role in improving trilateral relations as well as optimizing and facilitating trade between the countries. What is more, this could help the signatory countries that committed to boost the relocation of supply chains in key sectors such as health and wellness, according to Ricaurte. 

UPS aims to be carbon neutral by 2050 and its Eco Exporters initiative aims to train businesses on the importance of incorporating sustainability practices in their processes. Mexico will be the first country where the company will launch this initiative. However, UPS will be expanding this program in Colombia, Costa Rica and Chile in the second quarter of this year to advance sustainable logistics and supply chain processes.

According to UPS data, 86% of SMEs in Mexico consider themselves sustainable and are worried about their environmental performance. 

Photo by:   Fidel Fernando

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