Mexico rejects USMCA changes

Foreign Affairs Minister Marcelo Ebrard, Economy Minister Graciela Márquez, and the Senate leader Ricardo Monreal have agreed that two of the four additions requested by the United States to the USMA trade deal are unacceptable.

One of the proposals is a new requirement on the content of steel and aluminum in cars, while the other would allow US officials to verify labor law compliance in Mexico. This is a change to NAFTA, which limits US officer to veryfing the rule of origin for vehicles.

After several hours of talks, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said proposed rule changes to steel and aluminum in cars, as well as changes to labor laws, were not acceptable. Two other issues that were discussed were covered the environment and biomedical drugs. For these issues, alternative changes have been offered.

According to Minister Ebrard, the three countries involved in negotiations - Mexico, the United States and Canada – believe USMCA negotiations can be finished ahead of schedule as more than 90 percent of the treaty is not subject to revision.

Deputy Minister for North America Jesús Seade said he was certain the deal would be approved today by the US Congress.