Mexico won’t allow “inspectors in disguise”


After being blindsided by the inclusion of a bill that would allow full-time attaches verifying Mexico’s labor standards, Jesús Seade said Mexico will never accept the US to establish any surveillance scheme in Mexico, related to the USMCA trade agreement.

“We do not know what their function will be. Mexico will never accept any inspectors in disguise for one simple reason: the Mexican law prohibits it. A labor attaché seems aggressive, redundant and illegal,” Mexico’s undersecretary for North America tweeted on Sunday. Later, at a press conference, he warned this was a one-sided initiative and Mexico was never consulted.

Seade will meet with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer in Washington today. He will also meet with Democratic lawmakers to discuss the issue.

The Senate of the Republic rejected the initiative sent by President Donald Trump to the US Congress, to send labor attaches to Mexico, Morena Senator Ricardo Monreal said.

If this proposal is endorsed by US legislators, Mexico could deny access to those inspectors, the speaker of the upper chamber warned.