USMCA trade vote expected in the US Senate

The USMCA trade treaty between Mexico, United States and Canada could be voted upon in US Senate plenary sessions between the Jan. 9 and Jan. 13, according to the Business Coordinating Council (CCE).

The representatives of the Mexican private sector expect the US Senate’s Finance Committee will rule on the bill today before it is sent to the plenary ahead of debates on Wednesday.

Once the Finance Committee approves the bill, US senators will have 15 legislative days to assess the legislative proposal.

“Our contacts in the Committee tell us that the vote in the Senate could take place on Jan. 9, or at the latest, at the beginning of the next week. If successful, the bill could be sent to President Trump to sign,” CCE Head Carlos Salazar Lomelín said in a statement.

The approval by the Canadian Parliament is expected to happen during the first quarter of 2020.