Today, Mexico begins the Jornada Nacional de Sana Distancia (National Social-Distancing Program) to confront the COVID-19 outbreak. A lot has been said about the strategy but the general reception has been positive.

The Mexican healthcare sector has been challenged the whole year due to the many changes it has gone through and the COVID-19 outbreak was the last straw in an already strained system. Figures such as José Narro, former Ministry of Health, have said that Mexico has indeed the capacity to face this pandemic. “Mexico has a structure supported by equipment, techniques and specialized personnel,” he said. What is needed now is more investment on the sector.

On the other hand, institutions like INSABI and INER have stated that this situation is surpassing their capacity. On March 16, INER workers protested outside the institute due the lack of protocols and proper equipment to face the pandemic. Meanwhile, on March 20, families of patients demanded better information and attention to their situation. Other institutes such as INCMNSZ and INC are cancelling shutting down their normal services to support hospitals treating COVID-19 infected. Finally, on the night of March 20, the government announced that the Jornada Nacional de Sana Distancia would be implemented starting on March 23 and would last at least four weeks.