Antonio Mendoza
Commercial Director
Tory & Metron Mexico

Added Value of EPC and Software Synergies

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 11:10

When the CEOs of Metron Energy Applications and Tory Technologies met in a project involving both companies, they realized they could increase their opportunities by joining forces. Metron Energy Applications had already provided EPC services and equipment for 300 businesses in the oil and gas sector across 40 different countries, as well as having 70 engineers in Mexico. In comparison, Tory Technologies had only been in the market for three years but already developed successful software solutions for measurement systems. This merger saw Metron supply its expertise and equipment while Tory backed it up with software solutions.

According to Antonio Mendoza, Commercial Director of Tory & Metron Mexico, the company is well positioned in the market and currently has revenues of between US$75-100 million. Although Metron is a Greek company, it has managed to avoid its home country’s dire financial straits, with 75% of its business comes from international markets. Similarly, even though Tory is based in Houston, most of its business is focused in Latin America. However, it took the Energy Reform to make them both look closely at Mexico. “Metron knew the European and African markets, and just as it wondered how to expand to Latin and South America, it learned about Tory’s expertise in energy solutions in this region,” he shares. Both companies started to grow in Puerto Rico, Brazil, and other Latin American countries, but then turned their attention to the Mexican oil and gas industry. “There are opportunities for our measurement systems in the reconfiguration of PEMEX’s refineries and supply terminals, as well as in exploration and production projects. Likewise, there are opportunities with CFE in combined cycle projects for natural gas-based power generation. These businesses are important for us given our experience in oil and gas solutions,” says Mendoza.

Tory & Metron starts any project by identifying its clients’ needs and the specifications that the project has to comply with. “After all, measurement systems are just one part of fuel transportation, which is why the company analyzes an entire project in order to detect any areas of opportunity. A supplier might specify certain dimensions for the equipment, but those dimensions might not offer the proper results or endanger the whole structure. We always try to stay one step ahead to spot such discrepancies while being proactive to offer quality products that meet our clients’ specifications,” says Mendoza. “We have noticed that, unfortunately, a lot of technology in PEMEX’s oil, gas, and refining facilities is out of date,” says Mendoza, adding that reconfiguration activities will provide business for Tory & Metron and similar companies.