Sergio Arroyo
Former Country Manager
OOS Mexico
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Added Value in Flotel Operations

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 13:38

Q: How is the company structured in terms of operations in Mexico, and how were you able to enter this market?

A: OOS International currently has a contract in Brazil with Petrobras, where we have two flotel vessels: OOS Gretha and OOS Prometheus. The former has a unique construction, with two cranes that can operate in tandem, each with a capacity of 1,800 tonnes. Our participation in the Dutch Trade Mission to Mexico marked an opportunity for us to enter the Mexican market, and to build on our already established presence here. The opportunity we see with these submersible flotels is the fact that they are designed to operate in deepwater. Here in Mexico, a plethora of pipes and connections have been laid in the oil fields, meaning that it is dangerous to have semi-submersibles in the fields, so flotels are the most viable option at the moment. Besides accommodation, OOS International strives to be a commissioning and decommissioning operator. As an independent company, with presence in Mexico, our model dictates that the owner deals completely with the operations and the support we need here in the country is provided by our international stakeholders, whether that is financial or advisory. The process of importing technology and establishing efficient operations is faster and more efficient as a result of our considerable resources.

Q: What are that competitive advantages that differentiate OOS Mexico from similar companies?

A: At the moment, we are building two new vessels, with more lifting capacity and the ability to accommodate up to 750 people. Our new vessels, the OOS Serooskerke and OOS Walcheren, will be delivered in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019, respectively, and will each have a capacity of 3,000 tonnes, whereas the competitors we see in Mexico are using mainly older equipment. Following Round One, there will certainly be a strong demand for our services, as well as those of many other international companies. We are the only company to build the flotels with cranes, so this is a unique product that optimizes the supply chain, and can serve as a multipurpose system, providing the deck, the storage, the crane, and the accommodation with state-of- the-art facilities.

Q: To what extent can you help reduce operational costs of clients?

A: The current environment breeds opportunity, and those with an aim to succeed in the business should begin thinking about the future right now. Although this can be seen as a challenging time in the oil industry, OOS International is building two new vessels, so this displays the confidence we have in our product and our business model. When we finish building the vessels, we believe the market will begin to regain momentum, allowing us to enter strongly as part of the supply chain in the oil and gas industry, offering the most advanced products and services at the most competitive cost.

Q: What steps are you taking to become a leader in offshore accommodation and the construction of flotels?

A: We are attempting to launch the same well-respected system we have with Petrobras here in Mexico, and the equipment we are providing is new and uses quality technology, so we offer the most comprehensive facilities. Besides the previously mentioned services, OOS is one of the few shipping companies with international certifications to operate flotel facilities. Therefore, we do not only aim to provide our own equipment, but we can also operate client-owned machinery. We provide assets and support services to the oil and gas industry, ranging from ships to asset management, and engineering to maintenance and operational services. Based on the experience we have in Brazil, we have the expertise required to operate other flotels in Mexico and around the world. In 2018, our main aims will be to bring our own equipment and obtain contracts, or to be recruited by another company to operate its vessels.