Aftermarket Services Suited to Mexican Operators

By Pedro Alcalá | Tue, 06/29/2021 - 11:44

Demand for efficient and cost-effective aftermarket services from Mexican oil and gas operators, and the Mexican industry in general, is bound to increase with the recovery of the economy and oil barrel prices. Given the impact of the pandemic on the industry and last year’s slump in oil prices, most operators had to defer investments and preserve cash to weather the storm. In addition, the crisis highlighted a greater need for vigilance regarding the physical state of aging equipment and infrastructure but also depleted the resources necessary to invest in new equipment.

In the “new normal” of the industry, preservation of cash and capital discipline is becoming an integral part of most operator’s priorities, and therefore, triggering efficiencies and cost reductions in the operation and maintenance of critical production equipment and infrastructure. Companies like Exterran are ready to deliver on this unique opportunity that has emerged.

Exterran accumulates many years of experience providing these kinds of services, in fact, Exterran has operated and maintained its own infrastructure for processing, treatment and compression of natural gas for over 65 years and now is extending this unique and vast experience to its customers with a value creation philosophy.

The company is exploring growth in the Mexican market, particularly in the oil and gas sector, and it has set ambitious goals: Exterran expects to achieve double-digit growth in its aftermarket operations in Mexico over the next year, based on their two main advantages, an unmatched global experience and a leading footprint in the country.

In the aftermath of the previous year’s events, Mexico’s oil and gas operators are now focused on efficiency. To put it simply, they need to do more with less. This includes getting much more operating hours (uptime) from their equipment, regardless of its age and wear. Exterran focuses on achieving these results by applying their ample experience in Condition Based Maintenance philosophy. “Even after years of use, engines, compressors, production, processing and generation equipment can be refurbished and restored to a zero-hour condition or re-configured for new service by Exterran’s team of experts” say Exterran’s service representatives.

These services can be offered through a number of modalities. Exterran offers comprehensive and integrated “operation and/or maintenance service agreements, including or not, OEM’s spare parts”, and the company commits to providing all necessary preventive and corrective timely maintenance that, complemented with an effective predictive service, is conducive to uninterrupted longer-term operations. However, more on-call services can also be contracted to address necessary services when emergencies require immediate attention. Exterran encourages customers to “plan their maintenance activities in advance. Service agreements can help keep their assets working effectively. We will reduce operating costs and downtime with site-specific maintenance programs.”

Important AMS features are repairs, maintenance and the reliable supply of spare parts. Obtaining the permitting and documentation necessary to establish supply lines for spare parts from different brands (OEM’s) and from different regions globally was already difficult. These processes were severely disrupted and further complicated by the pandemic. Exterran, as part of its AMS portfolio, offers Parts Supply Agreements and Spares Supply Planning. “Our highly experienced parts technicians are professionals in international logistics and trade controls, including import and export compliance. Our parts specialists are at your disposal for advice on parts requirements, recommended spares lists for overhauls or support when dealing with a failure. Global parts agreements can provide the best price, inventory control and pre-planned delivery for your consumables, and long-term planning with no purchasing surprises,” reports the company. 

In general, the demand for these services is expected to increase given the conditions of the market. The guarantee that service providers such as Exterran can provide to oil and gas, mining and industrial customers in Mexico will prove crucial to the operational resilience and continuity of assets. “We help minimize downtime and maximize the life of your equipment, lowering your overall life cycle cost,” says Exterran.

Pedro Alcalá Pedro Alcalá Journalist and Industry Analyst