AMPES Returns with Expogas as Industry Prepares for 2022
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AMPES Returns with Expogas as Industry Prepares for 2022

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Cas Biekmann By Cas Biekmann | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 12/08/2021 - 12:39

A transition to a more sustainable energy system requires changes on all fronts - this includes Mexico’s 12,869 petrol service stations. To provide market players with the right tools and information, the Mexican Association of Service Station Providers (AMPES) organized Expogas CDMX 2021.

Service stations need to integrate technology, infrastructure, public policy, market information, regulation and consumption patterns along their routes to sustainable operations, reported industry experts and authority figures. In addition, they discussed these topics in the framework of service station certification, regulatory objectives, alternative fuels and environmental impacts, forward perspectives for 2022 and the revoking of permits. Expogas furthermore featured workshops focusing on normative developments for 2022 and equipment updates, among other topics. To make optimal use of these development opportunities, investment in technology boosting returns and sustainability will be essential. The conference was created in cooperation with US Grains Council, which has a vested interest in biofuels, a key tool for the global energy transition.

“The energy transition needs to account for the time and cost of its demands in order to be supported by the authorities, companies and society. The implications regarding oil companies and hindered investment do not allow this shift to happen for the short term. Nevertheless, the sector has the possibility to foster the transition as well as establish an ongoing dialogue between authorities and entrepreneurs, provide specialized training, adopt technology and champion better fuels,” said Andrés Gutiérrez Torres, President, AMPES.

In a 2021 interview with MBN, Gutiérrez expanded on the importance of fuel quality. “While the fuel retail sector continues to open to more brands and competition, CIEFSA maintains quality standards throughout the fuel product lines that brands introduce. This provides the sector with a sturdier basis for investment, growth and expansion and customer satisfaction,” he said, adding that especially independent players need assurance that what fuel they buy is the quality a discerning client demands.

The service station environment has changed significantly as a result of the 2014 Energy Reform. “The increase in demand started after the enactment of the Energy Reform. Service station managers were used to a system that depended almost entirely on PEMEX, and this made things simple to some extent. The Energy Reform created a new environment in which regulatory compliance meant meeting the requirements of several institutions, so the services offered by companies such as ours became a much more important part of the sector. Operational safety and environmental procedures became much more important,” said Alicia Zazueta, Director General, Equipos y Servicios Industriales Generales and a speaker at Expogas in a recent MBN interview.

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