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Anticipating Customers Needs with Unexpected Solutions

Josei Fernández - Teadit
Global Marketing & Latin America Export Manager


Wed, 01/20/2016 - 12:03

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Q: Having locations across the globe, why did you evaluate Mexico as a strategic market to enter, and how does it compare to the rest of the countries present in your portfolio?

A: Teadit’s performance and strategy are global, and each of our manufacturing units and distribution centers are located in a way that enables us to service the markets in all five continents in an agile and effective manner. Teadit targets all markets, and analyzes them in regard to their regional characteristics with the objective of entering and expanding its market share. When analyzing the global map of oil and gas investment, production, and potential, Mexico represents a promising environment, compared to Brazil and the US, for example, where we have a great deal of knowledge and broad portfolios.

Q: What is Teadit’s unique value proposition, and how do you plan on emphasizing this to potential customers in Mexico?

A: Teadit is a technology-driven company with history of consistently investing in skills and research and development. Our chemistry and physics analysis laboratories, as well as our testing laboratories, play an important role in our differentiating factor. We test both our products and those of our competition with advanced technology for monitoring, controls, registration, and reports. Doing so allows us to prospect, measure, achieve savings, and increase technical processes and procedures. Moreover, our specification support and application engineers are trained to anticipate and identify needs of the end users even before the client is able to do so. Our experts have developed the adequate insight to identify the perceived value for the customer. For example, many times when you ask a customer "what is your sealing problem?", the customer says that he does not have a sealing problem. Later on, our technician realizes that the customer was a little concerned because he had received a report that has as a goal to reduce the water consumption during the process. Pumps consume water in the cooling of seals. Our technician would then propose to the customers a packing and maintenance procedure that makes the customer save 75%, and on top of that, it allows them to save millions of liters of water per year, which represents not only financial savings, but also environmental savings. This is what we call a value proposal.

Q: What is the importance of R&D in your strategy, and what innovations have you developed that you believe would be pertinent to the Mexican market?

A: Research and development, in our view, is the heart of the industry and technological advancement. The industry's concerns have given rise to a permanent state of R&D, with a focus on a new solution, technology, or procedure that will optimize processes and lower costs. Teadit has unique and patented sealing products, and combined with specialized installation procedures, our service is incomparable. We have the 2238-OX packing, for oxygen service, and 2236 packing, which is the most recognized worldwide for low emissions. We also supply the camprofiles, double jackets, and spiral wounds in conventional and exotic steels, as well as the highest quality expanded PTFE and restructured PTFE Tealon. Other products include pure PTFE flange protectors, fire protection, metallic and flue duct expansion joints, and ECOTape to seal high temperature joints for hydrocarbons and steam applications.

Q: What is currently lacking in Mexican petrochemicals, and why do you think the sector has largely taken a backseat in the development of the oil and gas industry in Mexico?

A: We believe that the petrochemical sector in Mexico offers significant, growing, and eminent opportunities. Braskem Idesa built the most important petrochemical complex in the Americas, was recently built, which makes us believe this sector will have a significant growth in Mexico. We have broad expertise that is not restricted to the manufacturing and supply of products for the petrochemical industry, but it goes far beyond that. We provide sealing solutions and the use of the best installation practices for sealing products. We challenge the petrochemical industry to put us to the test because we are 100% confident that we will positively surprise them.

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