Víctor Fuentes
Senior Manager Sales and Marketing
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Mexico/ Latin America
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Automation with a Social Focus

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 16:18

Q: How does Mitsubishi Electric differentiate itself in the Mexican market?

A: Mitsubishi Electric Automation is responsible for the factory automation business unit of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Mexico and Latin America. We supply components and equipment to all industries, and now we are working to strengthen our focus on midstream and downstream oil and gas operations. Mitsubishi Electric has been present in the Mexican market for over 30 years, with strong brand recognition due to its state-of-the-art Japanese technologies. But starting last year, we expanded our market strategy. We are now looking to increase our strategic alliances to create a higher added-value for all our markets, and specifically to the oil and gas industry in which PEMEX had dominated the field for so long.

One of our strongest assets is that we do not outsource the manufacture of our equipment. While many other technology providers outsource their production and simply label the product once it is finished, we do not play that game. Mitsubishi Electric has production facilities all over the world, even in China, but all are Mitsubishi Electric facilities that comply with all our requirements and have all the certifications we demand. We are the only company in the world that has a yearly R&D investment of US$2 billion, and our range of products and solutions is a reflection of that.

Q: What makes Mitsubishi Electric the best partner in the oil and gas sector?

A: Mitsubishi Electric provides a single programming environment that allows for the simple and transparent flow of information. At the same time, we have a robust security system that protects all that information. These three elements facilitate knowledge and information transfer not only among the automation components but also between us and our clients. Mitsubishi Electric has a very clear principle that guides all its activities: we are a global partner and a local friend. This means that all the technology we offer, no matter if it is destined for Mexico, Japan or the US, is the same; it has the same high-quality and complies with the same certifications. Reducing product importation costs plays a big role in allowing us to provide the same technology all over the world at competitive costs in each market. Our ability to offer competitive costs in Mexico did not come overnight. The company’s headquarters in Japan has been working hard for the last seven years to develop a pricing strategy for each specific region in the world, and now we can offer top technology at excellent prices in Mexico. As a result, we are in very good shape in the Mexican market, and are planning to increase our share in Mexico by 10 percent in the coming five years.

Q: How does Mitsubishi Electric work to improve the Mexican automation industry?

A: Mitsubishi Electric in Mexico is working hard to create a complete ROI, not only for its shareholders but also for the communities in which it works by reducing our environmental footprint and improving our social impact. People tend to believe that automation will take away jobs, but the truth is that machines cannot work without someone supervising the operations. While a simple technology provider would offer the automation solution and end the job there, at Mitsubishi Electric we know that a full follow-up must be performed to ensure that people operating the technology know how it works, as well as its opportunities and limitations. Mitsubishi Electric Automation also has Mitsubishi University, which provides training and activities for our customers across the world, meaning that the content learned by a Mexican worker is the same as that for a worker in Japan or the US. Due to the extension and diversity in Mexico, we decided to go one step further and create training centers in which business partners of Mitsubishi Electric provide training and knowledge to our customers on behalf of Mitsubishi Electric. We are also launching a scholarship program for public university students so they can receive training at our facilities. We expect to launch this program by the end of 2018.