Enrique González Haas
Country President
Schneider Electric

Automatization Technology for Power Infrastructure

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 16:20

Schneider has invested substantially in Mexico over the past 15 years and has earmarked the country for major strategic growth. The company has more than 8,000 employees across the country and recently opened a design center, one of only five it has in the world. “We have very ambitious growth expectations in Mexico. In order to achieve them, we are focusing on delivering the best technology to our customers in the power sector, and leveraging our human talent to solve the energy solutions required by this market,” says Enrique González Haas, Country President of Schneider Electric. The company identifies opportunities across 15 different markets in Mexico, according to González Haas, and already has a pronounced presence in several Mexican industries, including oil and gas, mining, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverages. Despite this ubiquitous presence, González Haas emphasizes the strategic importance Schneider places on the oil and gas industry. “We are aiming to maintain a 10% annual growth rate in the energy industry as the future holds exciting prospects. The right projects, investment, and infrastructure need to be in place to ensure that Schneider can sustain healthy growth and Mexico can increase its GDP threefold, but also to create a better business environment and improve quality of life in Mexico.”

Schneider invests 5% of its revenue in R&D to penetrate new markets and develop new products and solutions, although it also considers acquisitions when these can significantly consolidate its position or open new growth markets. Following the recent strategic purchase of Telvent, an IT company that develops SCADA systems to control the flow of hydrocarbons in pipelines, there is now scope for Schneider to update its data warehouse activities and to provide complete solutions for PEMEX. “This software will be the brain of the oil company’s installations, and will provide a high level of connectivity across the installations and with the products used. The challenge for us is maintaining the trust of PEMEX in our integrated services whether these involve software, products, or solutions,” says González Haas. The synergies between Schneider and Telvent enable the company to offer pipeline services and technical solutions to avoid bottlenecks. In the Americas, 70% of hydrocarbon transporting pipelines are managed with Schneider solutions, allowing the company to obtain an in-depth understanding of this business and positioning it to participate in the expansion of the Mexican pipeline network by providing software and applications that allow for modern and agile pipeline management. Because of Schneider’s extensive experience working with pipelines, it has a good grasp of the real costs of getting involved in these projects. Luis Rancé, Senior Director of Institutional Affairs of Schneider Electric, notes that an unexperienced company could win a tender by establishing a low price and then find itself losing money while dealing with contingencies, which would ultimately affect PEMEX. “All systems fail if they do not receive proper and timely maintenance. If there is no permanent maintenance contract and PEMEX does not have the economic and human resources to fix a system, it will eventually fail. In this case, it will be said that the supplier’s system did not work properly when in fact it is a matter of maintenance,” he explains.