Maria Isaura Retes
National Account Manager
Expert Contributor

Best Partnership with Customer to Create Added Value

By Maria Isaura Retes | Wed, 07/13/2022 - 11:56

In the B2B Industrial Division of PPG Comex, we have a great deal of experience working with the oil and gas, mining, energy, traffic and infrastructure industries. These industries undoubtedly faced difficult challenges due to raw material shortages, prolonged delivery times and the viability of starting projects despite the limitations and impact resulting from the pandemic.

PPG Comex has an extensive product portfolio to cover the needs of the industrial segment according to the degree of protection, weather conditions, lifetime expectancy, resistance to different substances, temperature, location, the substrate to cover, required aesthetics, and more. The company takes into account these variables to recommend the most adequate system supply according to each case, creating a tailored solution for the projects of our commercial allies.  

Moreover, we have a large network of 600 dealerships and 5,000 Comex stores nationally to care for our clients everywhere, always providing on-site attention and looking to have more localized materials and highly qualified staff for service on site.

With the best infrastructure, experts in every sector and technologically innovative products, PPG will continue working to cover the necessities of all of its clients, maintaining a focus on the client, providing a valuable relationship-based service and seeking to innovate to be able to protect their activities with the best attention and delivering the best product according to their needs.

One of the big success cases for PPG in the industrial segment is a commercial alliance with one of the biggest companies in the country according to market capitalization. This account has national and global operations in the mining, railway, oil, construction, energy, highway, fuel and engineering segments. We have worked together with this company to find the best possible way to cover all its needs in product, assessment, training, recommendations and specifications, collaboration in projects, including contractors, detecting needs, and with contacts and personalized attention in every locality. We started working for this group more than 20 years ago in the mining sector. It was through a network of contacts, knowledge and investigation of its needs, deep understanding of the client, the market and its particular needs in every sector that we have been able to reach all of its divisions and users to offer the best value proposal for every single one of the group’s projects, either for construction or for maintenance.

Today, we are not only their product supplier but a partner and commercial ally to most of the company’s divisions, increasing our participation and commercial agreements thanks to the service and attention we provide, which speaks for itself and allows us to be near our client, understanding and serving its business.

We have many similar stories to tell. We serve industrial projects with experts, professional attention, technical guidance, trained and certified staff to comply with all norms and we are always looking for new challenges that ensure we remain recognized as the best brand for construction tools and industrial coatings.

PPG seeks continuous improvement through training and technological innovation, working hand in hand with our clients, which allows us to grow our participation with all of them, becoming their commercial partners, learning from all of them and generating long-term business relationships that allow us to be present in their upcoming projects.

Currently, we are facing countless opportunities in all of our industrial segments, from the increase in fuel demand to mineral exploitation, new construction projects, railway construction and equipment and maintenance of land routes. We will continue preparing ourselves to always offer the best alternatives in our role as protection coatings providers to protect our clients’ assets.

PPG always looks for the best way to solve the needs of its clients, generating value and supporting them in their particular needs and making possible the protection of their assets with the best technology, on-site specialized attention and added-value service, with our PPG WAY as our pillar: We partner with customers to create mutual value

Photo by:   Maria Isaura Retes