Pedro Guzman
Director of Operations
Sauer Compressors
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Big Demand for Compressors

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 16:03

Q: Where is Sauer seeing the most demand for its compressors?

A: We are seeing a great deal of business in several sectors of the Mexican economy. In the oil and gas industry, we see a growing demand from small and medium contractors working on the application of Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques, including the injection of nitrogen, in mature oil fields. Our products are useful in these mature wells, both onshore and offshore, because they compress the nitrogen to a higher PSI. Similarly, they are used for the collection of natural gas, which is a byproduct of oil drilling activity. Our compressors are also used as air guns for seismic acquisition by marine research institutions, operators and exploration firms in seismic acquisition. The compressors can compress air to over 5,000 PSI, which allows for deeper exploration.

Q: How does the company explain to clients that the cost of compressors is offset by their return on investment?

A: Sauer Compressors is over 125 years old, so the experience we have in manufacturing compressors is extensive. Over this time, we have found solutions and techniques to guarantee the functionality of our compressors. When we are working in fields that have explosive gases present, our compressors continue functioning without stop. Whereas clients report the stoppage of other compressors, we ensure that Sauer’s products work under all circumstances. This reduces downtime and the associated costs to the client. No other brand is able to offer this. Sauer Compressors are not cheap. But this is because they are renowned for their ability to run regardless of the environment. While companies may save 30 percent of the initial cost if they were to buy compressors elsewhere, the money lost by downtime dwarfs any saving they may initially have made.


Sauer Compressors is an experienced manufacturer of compressors, focusing on optimal reliability rather than lower cost.