Alfredo Esquivel
Director General
Multiservicios Petroleros
View from the Top

Branching Into Desalination and Wastewater Opportunities

Fri, 09/08/2017 - 12:40

Q: What key factors led to the creation of Multiservicios Petroleros?

A: Multiservicios Petroleros was created to address the oil and gas industry’s water-related requirements that local and regional companies were neglecting. Multiservicios Petroleros grew organically from a civil construction company founded 39 years ago. Six years in, we realized our service branch required a company of its own. Multiservicios Petroleros is one of the few companies in Mexico that manufactures water desalination plants. Between 1990 and 1992, we sold our first 10 plants for the offshore drilling industry.

Q: What added value does Multiservicios Petroleros offer to its clients?

A: Our personnel is fully qualified in all matters pertaining to security regulations that apply to any offshore or onshore facility, such as rigs or vessels, particularly when it comes to installing our equipment. We are accustomed to safety inspections and continuously complying with all operating rules and regulations. The capacity of our personnel makes us highly competitive, allowing the company to offer top-tier technical and cost-effective proposals. Multiservicios Petroleros takes special care with our workforce integration process and in selecting the highest quality imported equipment components, while offering expert project design. Also, our Aquacare product remains a reference for our added value. We learned a lot from our more than 20-year business relationship, as distributors, with our American manufacturer. This relationship gave us the tools to start manufacturing our own products, with the particular difference of horizontally integrating the whole manufacturing process: welding, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), programming and every step of the electric cabinet manufacturing phases. Our differentiators became apparent when we won a project auctioned in the Caribbean, where companies from Canada and Spain, among others, also participated. The company’s main priority is developing our desalination plants business line. Multiservicios Petroleros is looking to strengthen this segment in the Caribbean as well as Baja California Sur. Our aftersales service goes as far as our clients require. For instance, our business relationship with Royal Resorts started when we proposed the installation of water desalination plants to ease their water consumption bills. Since closing the purchase agreement 14 years ago, we have covered the plant’s maintenance. In addition to our core Aquacare business, we also offer wastewater treatment plants, submersible pumping systems, hydro-pneumatic systems, transfer pump systems and oil-water separators to cover the entire water management value chain.

Q: What has been your experience with the new developments pertaining to local content?

A: Despite their long track record, regulations surrounding local content and their modifications have yet to produce the desired impact. The inherent nature of the industry makes it hard to adhere to a local content dynamic, especially in high percentages. For instance, Mexico lacks capital goods or equipment manufactured locally for the oil industry. We are focusing on what the new entrants will require and analyze if we can provide that for them to comply with their local content obligations.

Q: What role is Multiservicios Petroleros assigning to strategic alliances?

A: Technology is a major component of our business. We have close business relationships with three international companies that provide us with the latest technology advancements, which we integrate into our product designs. We make a point to attend all major international events pertaining to the water industry to maintain these relationships. Water desalination has advanced considerably in the last 40 years and has a bright future.