Guido Van Der Zwet
Business Manager Latin America
IPS Powerful People
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Bridging the Talent Gap

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 10:50

Q: How are you working as a bridge between universities and companies or organizations?

A: Various universities have started oil & gas related education. There are also various universities signing collaboration with foreign universities. The country has to start working on international safety regulations and training, since most investment over the coming years will come from foreign investors and IOCs expecting international safety regulations that follow the international standard, instead of the rules that were put in place in Mexico by PEMEX and local governments. Our role in this, as a MLC:2006 certified company, is to make sure that all personnel that boards vessels with a MLC:2006 ratified flag have the right education, experience, and initiation to comply. Furthermore, we are ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified, certifications which also have standards when it comes to safety, quality, and international regulations.

Q: What opportunities does Mexico’s oil and gas market provide for foreign professionals in the wake of Round One?

A: When new companies arrive with their assets, they bring a large group of experienced professionals with them. Most companies would start with about 80-90% of foreign crew on board and have only local crew on board for the lower ratings. The foreigners train local crews and after a few years the mix should give an opposite impression in its distribution, where you have 80-90% of local crew and 10-20% foreign crew. In this regard, it is important to look at examples such as that of BW Offshore and the evolution of its workforce in Mexico.

Q: How can iPS Powerful People help PEMEX retain the most efficient person for a given job?

A: We can help PEMEX adapt to the requirements of a changing oil and gas market. We have a vast database of international experienced candidates that have been in similar situations helping companies become more efficient. We are a registered provider to PEMEX and are showing our interest in helping the company shape up to become more competitive within an already increasingly competitive environment.

Q: What is your general outlook regarding Mexico’s oil and gas future?

A: Although 2016 looks like a tough year, given the current price of oil and the reforms within PEMEX, we have faith that the new operators will give a new boost to the market. Also, we feel that PEMEX will recover through partnerships and will shape up to become a competitive company in the future