Wu Qiang
President of Kerui EPC
Kerui EPC
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Bringing the Chinese Experience to the World

Mon, 04/30/2018 - 11:41

Q: What specific opportunities is Kerui looking for in Mexico?

A: Our main business driver is oil and gas terminals and refining services. We have been present in the Latin American market for a few years and Brazil is our core area in the region. We were recently awarded a US$600 million natural gas project in Brazil, one of our largest projects ever. We are proud of this project since we competed against big international companies and still won the tender. The project will also create 2,000 jobs and will be delivered with the highest standards of safety and quality, which is Kerui’s trademark. 

Mexico is still a new market for us but it is quite an interesting one. We are looking for infrastructure opportunities in oil and gas for LNG, CNG and LPG projects. We are also trying to set up an integrated strategy for North America, since this is the region we have developed the least on the continent. We have received positive feedback from Mexican professionals who have seen our accomplishments in Brazil and they have expressed a desire to work with us. 

Q: What benefits do Chinese companies offer Mexican companies willing to diversify their portfolios?

A: Chinese companies are quite interested in the Americas and we are eager to do business here. With the upward trend in oil prices we have more opportunities to open new business and our strategy is to work together with our partners, adapt to local practices and help our partners in Mexico grow. We have sound financing capabilities backed by the Chinese government and since we work under opportunityenhancing contracts, we plan on maximizing our number of local employees, local scalable economies and communities. 

Q: How can Kerui help its partner companies create value? A: Our core value is our strong financing capability supported by the Chinese government and our solid engineering experience. We have a manufacturing yard and R&D centers spread around the world. On average, we reduce our clients’ EPC costs by 20 percent, providing opportunities for them to increase their market share. We also introduced the notion of EFPC into the market, since we also add manufacturing to the formula. We are a one-stop shop and a global company with projects in 57 countries. In China alone, we hold 80 percent of the hydrogen market share and on a global scale we are one of the leading companies in natural gas equipment manufacturing and distribution. We also have technical expertise and a dedicated research and engineering team for natural gas treatment and dehydration. Kerui has a 21.6-million-square-foot production yard in Dongying capable of operating 14 rigs simultaneously. 

Q: What are your expansion plans for your manufacturing base in North America?

A: Houston is our hub in North America and we have worked to expand our presence here as it is the focal point for our projects in the US, Mexico and Canada. We carry out aggressive marketing to familiarize companies in this region with our products and local teams. We are undertaking promotional projects to obtain more deals in Mexico based on our efficiency in oil and gas production structures. We customize our projects and manufacturing services according to the demand and locations and we tailor equipment to the needs of a specific project.

Q: How do you see Kerui growing in Mexico?

A: We want to focus on onshore and natural gas-related projects. We also strive to work through the distribution chain and expand the knowledge developed in our R&D centers in Beijing, Calgary and Houston. We already have a strong presence in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and China, but we are still midsized in North America and we want to change this. We have worked with big names such as Schlumberger and Baker Hughes and now we look forward to establishing long-term projects. We are a manufacturer so we focus on the production part of the process and we want to ensure that the product is good and it is reaching the end user. We already have Mexican colleagues working in our Houston office and we will use our Brazil experience to push for positive things in the country.