Jesús Lamas
General Manager
Schlumberger Mexico
View from the Top

Broad Market Knowledge, both Above and Below Surface

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 16:15

Q: What technical and managerial capabilities has Schlumberger developed during its 80 years in Mexico?
A: Schlumberger has acquired a broad knowledge of the market, both below and above surface. We have developed Mexican technical and managerial talent to assure that all the services offered by Schlumberger Mexico are aligned with our global standards. The combination of our global expertise and R&D investment with our local experience is our most valuable strength. We have partnered with PEMEX in many important projects and we are sure that we can help the new customers coming to Mexico to reduce the learning curve and accelerate their results.
I would also like to shine a light on our high-pressure and high-temperature technologies for well testing. CERTIS is a high-integrity reservoir test isolation system that combines many features of a conventional retrievable packer, including a built-in floating seal assembly that eliminates the need for slip joints and drill collars to set the packer. On the other hand, IRDV, is an intelligent remote dual-valve that combines two fullbore multicycle valves — a tester valve and a circulating valve — that can be cycled independently or sequentially for increased flexibility. Within Production Group, the VDA (viscoelastic diverting acid) enables the stimulation of the oil and gas carbonate reservoirs, of reservoirs with multiple layers, long production intervals or permeability variation and horizon and vertical wells.
Q: How has the Energy Reform impacted multiclient opportunities in Mexico?
A: All the multiclient investment originated from the regulatory changes in Mexico and the Energy Reform that opened opportunities to new operators to participate in the oil and gas business in Mexico. This market opening came as a unique opportunity for multiclient investment, where we could capitalize from our knowledge of the challenges in the country that drove our selection of the areas and the specific technologies to be used.
Our WAZ project has had a major impact in the market, helping support the promotion of the license rounds and helping our customers to make better-informed decisions at the time of selecting the best area to bid in comparison with companies using the vintage data. We are planning to reprocess nearly the totality of the offshore 3D data acquired historically in Mexico. In total, combined with our existing WAZ, somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000km2 of seismic will be processed and reprocessed. We have acquired and processed 70,000km2 of new WAZ seismic and reprocessed over 100,000km2 of vintage data. Undoubtedly, it is the largest-ever imaging and re-imaging campaign embraced by a company in a single go.
Schlumberger announced recently that PEMEX had signed an agreement to license data from the WesternGeco Campeche wide-azimuth (WAZ) multiclient seismic survey in the Salina del Istmo province in the southern Gulf of Mexico. The agreement also includes collaboration with WesternGeco in the seismic processing phase of the project as well as for future technology collaborations.
This multiclient contract is the first of its kind for PEMEX in Mexico and provides access to 3D WAZ seismic data in the province. The data license covers deep and shallow-water areas in the basin close to prolific geological trends with well-established hydrocarbon systems, including the Cantarell and Ku-Maloob-Zaap reservoirs.
Q: How does Schumberger provide added value through corporate social responsibility?
A: Schlumberger’s core value of giving back to the local communities through a variety of different programs allows the company to aid those communities in which we are present. Through these programs we can bring progress and development to these communities and contribute to the education of young students. It is also an opportunity to give back in some way to society and very specifically to the communities in which we work and live every day.