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C-Fields Software Aims to Minimize Field Development Time

By Conal Quinn | Mon, 08/15/2022 - 10:30

Q: What tools are helping the company maintain its position as a relevant player in the market?

A: The main factors that drive our company’s position have been the constant enhancement and innovation applied to our tools, which have allowed CAYROS to remain relevant in the industry and focused on solving the needs of our clients. A key element that characterizes the company today is our C-Fields, which has taken up much of our focus and allowed us to remain highly competitive.

Currently, we have an agreement and alliance with IMP and at the same time we have joined forces with PEMEX. We have a project in place in which we are observing and evaluating different options for multiple maritime fields. 


Q: How is the C-Fields technology helping the sector to move forward at a successful pace? 

A: C-Fields is a modular tool, designed for field development planning. This tool has evolved significantly, especially due to its cloud capabilities. All users can access it online. This tool optimizes the time required for the development of oil and gas fields. It is a planning tool with different modules that allows users to interactively design multiple concepts and scenarios for development projects. C-Fields performs life-cycle financial assessments and risk analysis as well, which increases the economic benefits to our clients.


Q: How have rising oil prices reshaped your portfolio and changed client demands?

A: The price increase of hydrocarbons has been increasing significantly. It is a vital development because the oil and gas industry rises with the tide, which creates more options to explore new fields. As an added benefit, the trend has brought us more work and allowed Cayros to analyze more fields to increase production for its clients. 


Q: How have your initial meetings and approaches with private operators in 2020 flourished into broader relationships in 2022?

A: With the improvements to our software, we have been able to establish more relationships and gain new clients. CAYROS’ strength is in its tools and in its approach toward the international market. The company is looking to expand to Colombia, Argentina and to countries in the Middle East. From 2020 to 2022, our software resulted in a wealth of benefits for our company and our clients. CAYROS hopes to have similar success across the world. 


Q: How have your proprietary exploration tools, such as Seismic Geometric Decomposition (SGD) technology, made you a more prominent player in the exploration services market?

A: The SGD tool is highly valuable. With it, we have developed multiple projects, mainly for PEMEX. The SGD technology has made it possible for the company to carry out these operations all over the world. 


Q: How are operators approaching the challenge of designing better production systems for Mexico’s aging wells and offshore assets?

A: CAYROS recently participated in a project for an aging well by implementing secondary recovery systems, which involved injecting water into the deposit. After an economic and risk evaluation, this approach was shown to be the optimal solution. The project has been a massive success so far.


Q: What are your most important goals for the end of 2022?

A: Our intention for 2022 is to sign more contracts with PEMEX’s exploration and production arm. Moreover, the company is also seeking to continue strengthening and enhancing its C-Fields software.


CAYROS Group is an independent firm specialized in consulting services and technical support for the oil and gas exploration and production industry. It focuses on field development planning and optimization, exploration and reservoir characterization.

Conal Quinn Conal Quinn Journalist & Industry Analyst