Catering Services for Remote Locations

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 16:31

“We are proud of our success in building a group of companies focused around our human resources outsourcing company, PAE,” says Fausto Muñíz Patiño, President of the group. “One often-overlooked aspect of any business is providing food to employees. Therefore, an important part of our group is a catering company, Gastronómica Contempo, which provides food to the workers that PAE provides, as well as working for other companies.”

Muñíz Patiño explains that one of the sectors that most requires on-site catering services in Mexico today is the oil and gas industry. Workers are often required to spend days and months in remote locations, where access to restaurants and food markets is limited, if not completely unavailable. Gastronómica Contempo has tailored its business in recent years to improve services specifically for the oil and gas industry. An example is its development of mobile kitchens with a kitchen and dining area integrated into one trailer.

As well as seeking solutions for managers, the company has also considered the employee; menus are prepared by a nutritionist, and rotated for a total eight-week period.