Cayros: Field Development, Planning Expertise and Technology

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 15:07

CAYROS is an independent company specialized in providing consulting services and technical support to the exploration and production segments of the oil and gas industry. CAYROS believes that the best opportunity to make a positive impact and create value in the life cycle of large capital projects is in the early planning or Frontend Development stages, well before incurring capital expenses. These early stages of a project are where most value is created or lost. Poor decisions here cannot be recovered during the project’s execution. To maximize a project’s value and minimize risks during its execution, the Field Development Planning process needs to be performed optimally to avoid being overly expensive and unnecessarily time-consuming. This is where CAYROS has world-class expertise: the application of game-changing proprietary technology to ensure projects are developed efficiently.

C-Fields© is a Field Development Planning tool created by CAYROS. It is suitable for virtually any type of oil and gas project, from onshore to offshore environments to access conventional or unconventional resources. C-Fields© integrates information from various disciplines to quantify the economic value of the oilfields under different development scenarios. The benefits of C-Fields© include:

• Timely access to technical-financial information that can be adjusted and updated interactively to facilitate strategic decision-making regarding development options.

• Quantify the impact of different deviations from the base case upon various economic indicators of the project. This enables optimized decision-making and risk mitigation throughout the entire project process.

• Significantly reduces evaluation time and cost.

Workflows manually developed on different platforms, with multiple spreadsheets and databases, can be transformed into efficient, accurate, reliable and flexible processes that allow operators to significantly reduce development time and cost.

In the Mexican market, C-Fields© has been successfully utilized in over 70 projects on 40 fields. CAYROS has a proven track record of impeccable projects developed in a timely manner through the application of this proprietary technology.