Regina Oliveira
Commercial Director
Dow Oil & Gas
View from the Top

Chemical Solutions for Production Optimization

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 12:51

Q: What are Dow Oil & Gas’ predictions regarding the needs of the Mexican oil and gas industry?

A: Dow currently sees great potential in Mexico thanks to the Energy Reform. It will drive upstream activities, which will certainly generate more business opportunities for Dow’s existing and new technologies that are already being commercialized in Latin America. Considering Mexico’s large reserves in shale and deepwater, it offers great opportunities for our new technologies aimed at production of both conventional and unconventional resources.

Q: Which products in your portfolio are particularly suited to help companies increase production in Mexico?

A: Dow has solutions for the whole oil and gas production chain, from exploration and production to refining. We are aligned with the country’s priority to increase the current production of hydrocarbons, for which well productivity needs to increase. Dow has a number of products in its portfolio that have proven to be effective in increasing production in different markets across Latin America. We are working closely with IMP and some service companies to introduce these technologies to Mexico. Dow’s product portfolio includes demulsifiers, chemicals for the separation of oil and water, which are especially important for wells that need to increase their output. Demulsifiers do not have the same effect over time, since crude oil behaves in a dynamic way and changes once the well starts aging. Just a year and a half ago we launched new demulsifier molecules for the oil industry, a product that is already available in Mexico. We also have water clarifiers and chemicals to treat the water that is produced in conjunction with the crude oil. These products are marketed under the DEMTROLTM brand. Other solutions include descaling products, which are specific for wells where fouling needs to be prevented in order to ensure a good level of production. Dow’s line of products for exploration and production is dedicated to service companies which buy the chemicals, make the formulations, and apply them to the fields. This is our target group for this specific line of products.

Q: What is Dow’s technology used to increase refineries and gas plants productivity based on?

A: Some companies, such as PEMEX, prefer to focus on exploration and production than on the downstream segment. Considering that the Energy Reform has increasing hydrocarbon production as one of its main objectives, prioritizing exploration and production is logical. This could be seen as a hurdle for our refining product line, but we have products that can maintain productivity in refineries with little investment, so we still see opportunities in Mexico’s downstream industry. We have special products for refineries and gas plants, which serve the purpose of removing sulfur from the hydrocarbons. Some generic products are capable of doing the job but not in the most efficient way. Dow has specialized products that can be used in refineries and gas plants specifically to increase production without the need of additional investments. These items are well known in the US, and they are marketed under the UCARSOLTM brand. Another interesting point is that Dow has created a program called the Amine Management Program. This initiative’s objective is to carry out an entire analysis of the refining process and indicating the parts where improvements can be made. This is a specific option for which Dow offers its skilled professionals and laboratories to key customers, like PEMEX.

Q: What is the role of Mexico in the company’s medium- and long-term strategies?

A: All the plans that Dow has for Mexico are considered highly strategic. We see growth potential in the energy sector in the coming years, and our outlook for the Latin American region is quite positive. Mexico has an even more important role to play in this, as the Energy Reform will trigger investments in the exploitation of the country’s reserves, including shale oil and gas. We will keep a close eye on everything that happens in Mexico in terms of the availability of products, the introduction of new technologies, and partnership opportunities.

Q: What are Dow’s plans to enlarge its local presence in Mexico to meet the growing oil and gas industry demand?

A: We expect a steady growth in business volume, which will naturally lead us to further expand our structure in the country. At present, it is all about finding the right opportunities. Mexico needs to drill new onshore or offshore wells, and this will create demand for our products.